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Friday, October 4, 2019

Death Stranding, an upcoming video game developed by Kojima Productions, will work for the PlayStation 4 system, the first time it develops the game after developer Hideo Kojima separated from his Konami company, featuring American actor Norman Redis. As the game's hero and actor Mads Mikkelsen as a character in the game, the game also introduces a new death mechanism that has never been used in the game world, where the clip was shown at the e3 video game conference in the USA

When Death Stranding was first unveiled, a PC version was reported to be under development, although the title was produced and published by Sony, which made the information highly unbelievable, but several weeks ago Hideo Kojima was asked. As to whether the game will be released later to the computer or not, the Japanese director ignored the answer to this question, whether in the negative or positive, what some considered your evidence of an intention to provide the project for other platforms in the future. Of course, this information may be incorrect, as Sony has previously confirmed that the game cover is subject to change and modification in the coming period, and therefore may be added only the usual sentence on PlayStation at any moment, which denies those reports altogether.

Although all of the previous statements regarding Death Stranding confirm that collaborating with other players from all over the world and communicating together is the best solution to cross different obstacles and save the world from collapse, this does not mean that there is an explicit group play, in other words, Death Stranding relies on delivering an asynchronous group gaming experience, meaning you won't meet any other player for the duration of your title title.

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