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Friday, October 4, 2019

Call of Duty: Mobile - Call of Duty Mobile is a new version of the well-known Call of Duty game for Android and iPhone designed and manufactured by Activision Publishing, Inc. For Android was launched in Google Play for free and today we brought you the latest version of this game for fans of the game Call of Duty to make them happy! Call of Duty Mobile, like the other online games like Modern Combat 5, will fight and attack real users around the world and congratulate dozens of missions! All characters, weapons and features are for the tribal versions of Call of Duty but have added some new features in the game to experience the best multiplayer online game on Android. Various playable situations like PVP, Zombie status and… you can choose from and enjoy playing for hours! If you're a fan of action and weapons games, Flash of Call of Duty: Mobile will catch your attention and deserve the experience!

The game will provide you with the ability to play in a range of maps, some of which have been reviewed previously in previous versions of the series of games of Call of Duty, the game is expected to be available in the style of Battle Royale, and will provide other modes of play such as Zombie Mode, Search & Destroy, as well as Deathmatch mode You can also play them unilaterally against the Bots to practice shooting or playing the game, or you can play them in Multiplayer mode, creating a game like no other. In the game, like all other games, you can customize your character from clothes, weapons, tools and name to the character and you can win or get a new set of devices each time you win or make a profit in the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile:
The game was officially launched on October 1 as expected and was launched free of charge for Android and iOS platforms, and you can start directly in the download of the game from the stores officially and start playing immediately. The game has a size of up to 1.1 GB, and does not require a lot of components in your smartphone in order to play, for example, 3 GB in the RAM space, and a good processor and enough storage space to include the game is enough to make you play the game on the elements of good, if the capabilities of your phone Stronger, you can play it on high-end graphics. As for the method of downloading the game Call of Duty: Mobile as we have mentioned it is available on the Google Play Store for Android phones and can be obtained directly from here, while on iOS devices are also available on the AppStore store and can be obtained directly as well from here .

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