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Saturday, August 31, 2019

is a three-copy version of the official Wattabapp application, as follows: Watsab Plus Blue Edition and an   alternative  alternative to the official, GB Watts GB Green to run a second digit, GB and WhatsApp plus  version to run a third digit. All versions bear the characteristics of the whole Bals and built on the latest version of the official application and supports all the devices android

I copy Watts AP Plus

 Watsab GB Green – WhatsApp GB

This application is a modified version of Wattab Plus, but it is designed to run a second number on the same phone

 Wattab Plus Blue – WhatsApp Plus

This application is installed as an alternative to the official and can be installed only when the official deletion and access, please see the explanation of installation before doing any action

 GB and WTSAP-3 – WhatsApp GB3

This application is a modified version of Wattab Plus, but it is designed to run a second number on the same phone

Some features

 Play three numbers on the same phone

 Hide the last appearance in advanced mode

 Hide read and receive

 Activate the automatic reply message via the advanced filter

 Download various themes and ready

 Send images to more than 90 in one batch instead of 10

 Ability to send a video size of 30 MB instead of 16 MB

 Download the different fonts (Arabic-English)

 Hide name and date when copying more than two messages

 Increase the duration of the case to at least seven minutes

 Modification of colors and lines of application is unlimited

 Search for and send animations

 Distinguish between collective and regular messages

 Possibility of locking a lock with a password

Statistics counter for groups

 Preview media without downloading

 Hide name and date when copying two or more messages

 Change the program format, change the program icon and notifications

And many features and features that enable you to modify the application and take advantage of whatever you like

The difference between the official Wattab and Watts AP Plus

 WattsPlus Plus can hide the last time you appear so that no one can know that you are connected or not while in the normal WattsP you can not hide a situation in case you are connected

 WattsPlus can send large files up to 50 MB without minimizing quality while you can not send large files in Wattsp

 WattsPlus can change the font size and color in your favorite color and type also unlike Wattsab can not touch the font type and color and size

 WattsP can not change the format of the application and the time while in WattsPlus can change the style of the face of the range of many themes available

 In WattsPlus you can see the profile picture of the person you talked to in the group while the opposite happens in WattsApp

 WatSAP Plus can bypass the existing firewall in Wattsb and you can use Watsab in any country

 Watts AP Plus can send more than 10 photos once, while you can not in the old Watts to send more than ten pictures

 With Watts Plus you can activate two WattsP accounts from the same phone

                      To download WhatsWhatsapp plus


                     To download Whatsapp GB


                              To download Whatsapp GB3


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