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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

The Playstation 1 was full of many games that were associated with our childhood and we remember it to this day. The most important of these are the platformer games such as Spyro from Insomniac and Crash Bandicot. Since the last three returned to the current generation, it is time to see Spyro Reignited Trilogy re-favorite dragon again.
Crash Bandicot and Spyro were one of the first games to adopt the 3D Platformer games and executed them very carefully. Both of the characters became our childhood heroes and we stayed even after we grew up. Spyro Reignited Trilogy is back with an old trophy but with completely new details from the developer Toys for Bob .

The question that everyone thinks when we see games being returned in this period, will Spyro Reignited Trilogy be so enjoyable in 2018?
The simple answer to this question is, of course yes! But if you want more details, read this review.

The main element that makes Spyro Reignited Trilogy is that the trio comes in the form of a complete remake designed by Unreal Engine and not Remaster which means that the game has been completely rebuilt without relying on the basics and codes of previous versions. Each Character Model and every pixel in monsters or fire effects that Spyro sprays have been redesigned.

You will be able to notice this in many, many details inside the game. All the contents of the world are beautifully designed, graphically and even voice! Yes, the Soundtrack lk by Toys For Bob has also been redesigned to improve sound quality and give you a sense of nostalgia for retro games in a modern way. This is because the content of the game was really cool in the 1990s. There was no need to change this, but it just needed to be built again in a way that matches today's gaming technology.

The game contains Remakes for the first three parts of the series Spyro The Dragon, Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage and Spyro Year of the Dragon. You will not have to play these games in a particular order because the three parts are subject to the same style of play and control.

Play Mode and Control:

The three parts of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy have a symmetrical control style where you rely on several buttons and simple movements of centuries rushing or shooting or jumping and then jumping back to flight, there is also Action Button but it is rarely used you can dive through the water in some stages or slide After Double Jump.

Which makes us say that the game is largely focused on simplicity, where all you will face in the game will not exceed the choice of these movements - in a certain order determined by the situation of course - and here comes your turn in the selection because each kind of enemies in the game immune to one of your attack movements either fire Or the rush of centuries. And this brings back the feeling of fun that was present in the game there is no need to complicate things just wandering around and confronted the enemies designed comic and continued to complete your tasks.

Many games have tried to re-introduce themselves by providing a more realistic, serious or darker experience, but Spyro Reignited Trilogy comes back to us for a while when everyone was not shy about designing a game that was strange and far from dark and realistic. And why look for realism if the hero of the game dragon in the first place ?!

The world of the game is full of cheerful appearances where everyone seems to enjoy his time even though you theoretically try to save the world! The basic tasks in the three parts, one of which will look for the Dragon Crystals and the other looking for Talismans to save the world and in the third and last you will have to collect and follow the eggs of dragons to save them from extinction. The tasks seem different, but the style of play in each is almost the same as it is to search and combine the various objects hidden in the stages and regions of the world of each game.

This is what makes the maximum fun you can get from Spyro Reignited Trilogy when you're trying to reach 100% complete. The game is designed to play basically like that, you can of course focus on the basic tasks and move from Boss Fight to another by But the game basically does not take much time to complete it and is about overcoming all the challenges and searching and wandering within the stages designed to find all the collectibles and hidden secrets possible, so you will find yourself many times find some important things unintentionally or while busy with something else .

All this indicates that you will have a very pleasant experience in Spyro Reignited trilogy, but nothing is completely flawless!

Problems and Disadvantages:

One of the few problems and flaws in the game is specifically related to Spyro 2 in that it explains everything in the gameplay in detail, even if it is obvious, so it cuts the game to talk about camera movement after a long period of playing the game. Developer Toys for Bob may not want to tamper with the content of the game completely and leave these instructions as they came in the original game. This is probably the biggest drawback of the entire game, but will undoubtedly affect your experience.

Another thing that may upset some players is that you will find yourself in many times not knowing your destination or not knowing how to reach a place or defeat a monster to try again and again until you find the right way. But this is not a defect as much as it is the fundamentals of the game that was designed by Vduma was trial and error and learning from the factors of experience in the game Spyro and perhaps is what made it distinctive in our youth, where we trained patience and try more than once until we get what we want.

The most important factor in the game:

The best of times you will spend in the game is when you roam freely in the different stages without trying to finish a task or challenge and discover a lot of secrets or skating and making movements or spiral or fly infinitely trying to stop some trains or chasing a character at lightning speed trying to restore one egg The dragons of them. These are the times when you will enjoy the greatest fun of the game.

Discover this strange world with cute designs and try more than once to complete a challenge or reach an area. That's what you're supposed to be in the game and that's what makes it special! It is supposed to be a lot of wandering and is supposed to be lost most of the time and is supposed to repeat the attempt in one thing and take advantage of the trial and error to reach the solution is supposed to be surprised and confused because of what is happening around you and wondered what may happen in the future !. All these things make the experience very enjoyable and all the factors we miss so much in the games of the current generation


Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a great journey to remember Spyro, and what made this trio of games and the 3D Platformer Games generally very attractive to many of those who experienced it. The game gives us the experience of playing Spyro just as you remember flying, rushing and shooting only with more beautiful and accurate graphics showing the game in the most beautiful suit.

The developer, Toys For Bob, did not change the game except perhaps in terms of camera movement to make it a better experience for players. You will have a great desire to rediscover the three worlds of the game with its delightful colors, design its beautiful characters, discover every hidden corner and recreate the challenges you have faced for years to fail again!

The game contains a lot of fun and sometimes new details like Monks of Colossus from their wall hanging, and dragon designs that have been transformed from duplicate versions of the same design to distinctive designs that show their personality beautifully.

You can complete the three games in about 20 hours if you do not pay enough attention to the Completion Rate, but as mentioned above, the fun in the game lies in trying to get the most out of the game to complete the challenge and find all you can find from the secrets and collectibles. What distinguishes this remake or remake is how much sincerity in providing a gracious experience to all with all its beauty without change but just improving what it needs to keep abreast of the current technical progress of the gaming world.

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