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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

 Red Dead Redemption 2 has provided players with the most dynamic and wide-ranging adventure in the world's largest open-air video game history to date.

  • The game includes a number of sophisticated systems, and the amount of countless characters and tasks that can interact with them, in addition to all kinds of adventures that can be done in the atmosphere of the West in the wild game.
  • But a game of this size must contain some features or mechanisms that are not clearly identified within the game, or may be addressed by the game but later in the story.
  • So we've written a list of the details and tips we've drawn from our experience with the game, and we think that these tips will benefit you a lot in the beginning stages, as most of these tips are revealed by the game only late or at times inappropriate.
  • All these tips can be applied from the moment you finish the initial chapter of the story, when the game leaves you on your freedom to go anywhere you want on the game map.
Red Dead Redemption 2

Getting money and how to use it correctly

  • The first thing that the game asks you to think about is how to get money, and also the best ways to spend that money in the things you deserve.
  • Some of the things you can do for quick money are tame wild horses with rare species, and sell them in stables for money.
  • Capture dangerous criminals by getting their information from the officer's office. Gambling through playing poker and domino games.
  • Kill some gangs on the map, and search them can reveal some valuables such as watches, rings and other things that can be sold at a fancy price at Fence stores in every city.
  • Robbing houses, shops and trains can also steal and sell vehicles, or steal people themselves, anyone who can be stolen in the game, but remember to cover your face using the scarf so that the law men do not reveal you.
  • You can start the first task of the Poisonous Trail by getting a map under the bed at Cairn Lake Lodge, then get a second map in Lemo Region, specifically in a tree on the right of the Kamassa River, and get a third map of Serpent Mound southeast of Van Horn . The map here is under a pile of stones.
  • As for the treasure itself (four gold plates can be sold for $ 500), you'll find it at New Hanover at the Elysian Pool, and in a secret area behind the waterfall.
  • For the second task, the Status Cave, you must search for a cave. This cave is located at Mystery Hill House, northeast of the Bacchus Bridge, and east of Donner Falls.
  • You will find statues there that seem to carry a mystery, but we will save you the effort to solve the puzzle and tell you the secret, that you must press the buttons that numbers 2, 3, 5 and 7, and you will get gold from the statue in the middle, Of which $ 500 is worth selling.
  • The best thing to do is pay the rewards on your head to avoid any problems. You can save the train fare until you get Fast Travel 20 hours after the story, and we always advise you to develop the camp where you live. Because this generosity will come back to you with free accessories instead of being bought at a high price from stores.
  • Always buy a horse-rearing bag and be sure to be with you at all times, and do not spend money on guns or bullets because you will
  • You get lots of them if you steal and kill gangsters, this talk also applies to belongings responsible for charging points of your life and your energy and that you will find a lot of them inside gang houses.
  • As for the things that should be with you during the fishing, we will mention them when we talk about the point of fishing in the game, which I think now is the time to talk about it at length.Red Dead Redemption 2

How to become the best animal hunter in the Old American West:

  • Before we talk about hunting animals, we can talk about fishing, which is really easy work, but needs to do a job in order to open it in the game.
  • Fishing can be accomplished after at least 10 hours of play in the middle of the second chapter of the story. When you talk to John on the mission of Pouring Forth Oil 3, you will open a new task on the map named Abigail Roberts, where you want to take her son to teach him to hunt Fish. Of course, the quality of the fish you will later hunt depends on the location of the fishing and the quality of the bait you use, and the weather in the days you hunt, rainy days better than sunny days for hunting.
  • As for hunting the animals, there are some initial points that you should know, the most important to keep your horse during the hunting to look at the places of hunting more clearly, and chasing animals that escape faster. You can also use the telescope to observe animals and study them closely.
  • Animal study is very important before you intend to catch it, because it refers to some important information about this animal, such as the type of weapons or bullets suitable to hunt, in addition to places where you can find this animal. It also helps keep animal skins for sale at the best price.
  • The second most important thing is to get a taste for fishing, and a lotion to hide your scent of animals, which can be obtained from nearby stores in cities.
  • Now it's time to hunt the animals we've studied, and we'll definitely want to focus on high-quality animals such as Parrots, Deer, Rabbits, Ducks, Salmon, Trout, Cows, Javelina, Bears, Wolves, Alligators.
  • When you focus on animals using weapons, our animal quality index, which ranges from one to three stars, will show us only high-quality animals.
  • Do not sell animal skins anywhere, but sell them at Trapper, a person who deals in rare animal skins and makes rare equipment for you. This person is in Saint Denis.
  • The development of the Dead Eye feature helps kill animals in the most vital possible with minimal effort and a number of possible bullets.Red Dead Redemption 2

Other things Red Dead Redemption 2 does not tell you:

  1. You can shoot bullets in the air to scare people and animals.
  2. Press L1 / LB to do tricks as you remove your weapons from her sheath.
  3. Synchronize the speed buttons with your horse's movement so that the horse's energy does not run out quickly.
  4. You can mark the map, enter the camera mode, and the horse will follow the tag automatically without any effort from you.
  5. You should always feed yourself and your fortune even if there are other ways to recharge your life and energy points instead of food.
  6. You can not repair weapons that you steal from people in full, good weapons are just what you buy and not what you steal.
  7. Detect and clean your weapons.
  8. Buy Working Tools after you open the Ledger to gain the ability of the camp's specialty goods industry.
  9. Develop Dutch's Lodgings for extra money each day from the camp.
  10. Do not walk behind your horse until it hits you.
You can sell whole carcasses to the butchers and Trappers, but sell them quickly, and you will not need to put them with you to sell, if your horse is soon, all the items on it will be available for sale.There are secret cheats that can be obtained by reading the newspapers through the map of the game, but we will collect them here in this article (remember that activating these codes will prevent you from recording your progress in the game, which means that these codes for fun only and not to make the game easier) .
  1. Horse Racing Industry: Run! Run! Run!
  2. Crossover Industry: Would you be happier as a clown
  3. Cart Industry: Keep Your Dreams Simple
  4. War Horse Industry: You are a beast built for war
  5. Getting drunk: A fool on command
  6. Full map detection: You long for sight but see nothing
  7. Strengthening Life and Energy: You seek more than the world offers
  8. Heavy Weapons: Greed Is American Virtue
  9. Honor: Virtue Unearned is not virture
  10. Increased horse appeal: Better than my dog
  11. Pencil Infinite: Abundance is the dulest desire
  12. Endless Energy: The lucky be strong evermore
  13. Level Dead Eye High: I Shall be better
  14. Level Dead Eye Top: I seek and I Find
  15. The most powerful energy levels and life points: You Flourish before you dieRed Dead Redemption 2

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