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Monday, June 3, 2019

Persona 5
Persona 5

Game type: RPG - Shooting - Adventure - Action

Date of issue: 4/4/2017

Device: PS3, PS4

Developer: Atlus

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All about Persona 5:

  • Pierceona is a game that we see only once every 10 years.
  • Another major part of this game is Part IV and has been released in 2008, on a PS2 device.
  • The game takes place in the city of Tokyo, where it plays the role of a student who recently moved to a new city and school.
  • The fighting system is by lists and each character moves in order, and the characters can use objects called Persona to give them magic miraculous movements such as lightning, snow and others.
  • What distinguishes the chain as well as getting and developing Persona is your ability to develop your social skills and build relationships with others.
  • Graphically, the game looks like a game that may work on any gaming device currently available or even from the last generation, but there is a great effort put into the game in so many aspects.
  • Is a game unlike any other game anywhere, because of the great thrill and the greatest pleasure.
  • We find magic in the way this game is designed, this game looks different.
  • PerSona 4 was fantastic in presentation, menus and graphics, but the fifth part took everything to new heights.
  • In the fifth part we will notice the red and black colors, interactive menus, sounds and tones, and how everything is related to each other in the style of Japanese-Japanese manga.

More about Persona 5:

  • Game Piercona 5 divided into two very clear, the fighting and the Department of Dingen.
  • In Persuna we will live social life and the digital novel.
  • Outside the stages of the fighting you live the life of the hero of the game in every sense and you can call the hero yourself,.
  • You will see the hero and he eats and sleeps, he fights with others, he builds his relationships, he goes to school every day and studies and spends his time in various ways.
  • You can develop your character within the game, then develop your relationships with the members of the community around you, and you can have a romantic relationship.
  • Secondary characters in the game give you some very useful features if you strengthen your relationship with them. For example, a character gives you the ability to switch team members in the middle of a fight, and another gives you the ability to get extra EXP from fighting.
  • There is no way to know what you can get from each relationship, so your relationships will give you random benefits, and you will not be able to figure out which relationship deserves to invest more time.
  • In the second half of the game there is a feature that allows you to know the benefits and abilities that each relationship can offer.
  • The game map has become larger than ever with many areas to roam in. At the beginning of each day and night, a mobile message may come to remind you of the characters that can develop your relationship.
  • You can see alerts on the same map showing you which characters are available to you at a certain time, and from whom you can develop your relationship with him to the next level immediately.
  • The system of mobility between regions, lists and tasks Everything is arranged with great proficiency.

Stages of the game about the game Persona 5 :

  • There are a variety of Dungen stages, new and durable, and you will be given a specific time to eliminate the Dungen specific, and you reach the end point by playing daily, then take rest and return to the real world and sleep to regain your SP meter.
  • The Dingen in Part V in general is nothing but a large collection of battles ending with the fighting of a leader, with some puzzles.
  • Fighting in Persuna 5 is based on a simple principle, which is to discover the enemy's weaknesses and then hit them until they fall and you get an extra role.
  • The Velvet Room is the room in which Igor lives, and he is the one who allows you to manage, develop and integrate your Piercing characters to make a new Persuna.
  • You can sacrifice one to increase the level of another. Or you can turn some of the bersons into a weapon, shield, or new element by getting help from the world of Ding.
  • You can visit Dungen permanently available and called "Moments", in which you can fight a lot of Pierceona and develop your abilities and the implementation of side tasks
  • You will love the main and secondary characters in the game of Persona 5, and you can interact greatly with many characters, and this is a large part of the charm of Persona.
  • When you reach level 10 with some characters, you will feel as though you really know them, as if you built a link that can not really be broken. And this emotional journey really can not be seen in a game other than Pierceona.Persona 5

In short about Persona5 :

  • A classic and fun RPG fighting system.
  • Interesting story and many personalities to know
  • Music from another world, artistic direction and presentation in a very distinctive style
  • The game lasts for long hours for reasons that can be easily avoided without losing experience or story
  • Persona 5 was well worth the wait.
  • The development team has introduced classic Japanese classic RPG games in the style we know that makes Percone a unique game
  • The visual and vocal side are very attractive in the game, both the colors used or the two-dimensional images of characters during dialogues and after fighting.
  • The distinctive music "Jazz, Electronic Quitars and Strange Words" always succeed in creating the right atmosphere, whether it is fear, excitement or sadness.
  • Palaces (areas where enemies fight) are distinctive in character, each reflecting the wishes and thoughts of the main leader.
  • The story is interesting, a gang to steal the wicked hearts of worlds representing their subconscious.
  • The story captures you in a way that is both sequential and narratives. It is told by an investigation at present and a recollection of the past at the same time that the events of the present and the past converge.
  • You can also talk to enemies under special circumstances and even make them join you as Persona, the characters that collect them and give you magical fighting abilities during combat.

Learn more about Persona 5:

  • There are advantages when connecting to the Internet even with the game being a single player game, so you can know what other players did that day of events ..
  • The game takes the form of Japanese animation series in all its details, from the details of drawing the characters and ending with the interaction of the characters with each other and the dialogue style and even the fighting style.
  • The game belongs to the JRPG sequencing and role relay games, which means that you will not attack only in your specific role and so also on the occasion of your opponent, but the method of presentation will force you to love and you will find it very enjoyable.
  • The game has its own color gives you a sense that you are the champion of the series and see all the episodes of.
  • The game follows the character of a high school student who was transferred to it recently as a result of some of the problems, so you are a new boy in a new city and evaluate a sponsor in the beginning you will think he does not tolerate you, and of course, as you can expect he has the spirit of rebellion within him, which will enable him to recall The persona is his own and will start out by the game.
  • Your team will grow day by day and you will be able to persuade more people to join you on your journey to defend the oppressed and the oppressed and those who will be your classmates or people you will know during your trip.
  • The game's details and world are very fun and the various activities give it a very special color
  • One of the really distinctive things in the game world is the characters and their building and the relationships that you will be able to form with them. With every new friendship or new person you will trust you will acquire a new confidant and each one of them has a Tarot card of his own and this will be important in part of the game and related to the different personas that you can Acquire it.
  • The activities in the game are very wide and varied in an amazing way, you are a student at the school so you will have to go to your school and participate in all school activities including exams ...
  • The game will start with a bar called "arsene" - a reference to the famous Arsen Lupine - and if you have not guessed so far, the persona is the form the rebellious spirit will take in you and because you are a special hero you will over time possess the ability to keep more than our Persians together and each of them can own properties And different strengths and weaknesses.
  • The world of the game is filled with a lot of special details that bear the Japanese character inside and will be able to interact with each part of it.
  • The challenges of the game as we said will be divided into the main characters and Boss fights and small challenges that will appear during your trip.
  • The game does not depend on the battles basically, I mean a large part of your experience of the game will be in the outside activities in the real world or the discovery of the other world.
  • The capacity tree in the game will be divided into several sections. There are those that we can describe as personal abilities such as intelligence, the ability to charm others, courage, etc. There are those that will exist in the virtual world, which will be mainly for Personas, which will come from personal development and integration with other characters Or even strengthen them by sacrificing other personalities.
  • All the big targets you'll go are really evil characters and you'll spend time exploring the surrounding area and trying to make sure you're guilty before you start to change your heart and start attacking.

Synopsis of the game about Persona 5 :

  • You have a world full of details and events. It has a different group of heroes who come from different places and backgrounds. They are joined by chance, the spirit of rebellion, the desire to destroy injustice and others, and they go on their journey in a world that is very carefully planned and has many, many different details that will bring you together with it. Which relies on planning more than a direct violent attack and all this in a human social envelope that makes you stand to think about the actions of those around you and your actions personally

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