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Friday, June 21, 2019

Overkill’s The Walking Dead
Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Is Overkill's The Walking Dead another depressing game based on Comics and the famous TV series or is it really worth the experience?
The game is developed by Studio Overkill, which is the studio responsible for the Payday series, which means that they are experts when it comes to First Person Shooters.
Knowing this information let us try to answer the introductory question.
The answer to this question may be difficult now. Answer "yes" may be unfair to the game and answer "no" cheating the players. The game seems incomplete or lacks many aspects either from content or from technical development.
When the game was announced several years ago everyone was excited, especially as Overkill was responsible for the action. As long as they presented a series of Paday success, Multiplayer Shooter based on the great stories of The Walking Dead is what will result in the perfect game.
Let me tell you at first not to rely too much on the existence of a story is almost non-existent despite the hint of a factor of the story in the thrills of the past Overkill's Walking Dead.
The game does not resemble Payday or even Left 4 Dead but it is a mixture of some other games, mainly based on team play and team play, with no convincing goals or motives that make you sympathetic to characters or excited to do something. This is the closest you can get to it as a story. It's about fighting another survivor camp under the name "The Family" and fighting them for stealing a water disinfectant from your camp, even though your camp did the same thing at first!
If the focus is fully on the gameplay and gameplay in Overkill's The Walking Dead.

The new :

Overkill’s The Walking Dead
Progress in the game depends on several stages and multiple scenarios, all of which are based on trying to survive and stay in the style of the Dead Dead, such as stealth and avoid the swarms of zombies to operate a generator or open a gate, and sometimes turn Amor chaotic to the position of jogging and shooting at everything that is facing This will often happen because the game will be played with other players online. Therefore, stealth and compatibility will not be your priority.

The game will put you in different positions and sometimes you will encounter zombies, trying to survive and survive until the next wave and sometimes fight other survivors to try to take advantage of the tools they have. And the multiplicity of adversaries of Bergman from being good, in the end you not only meet Zombies but also faced with heavily armed people, but you will sometimes be surprised that the level of intelligence and gravity of the zombie is sometimes more and greater than humans in the face.

The AI ​​level of the humans you face in the game is frighteningly low, and it is obvious that the zombie is more dangerous than someone with automatic weapons. Sometimes you will also be surprised that the level of difficulty facing zombie is very difficult and sometimes too much zombie can easily catch you and this will happen more than once to the point that you doubt your abilities.

Fighting and weapons:

Fighting in the multiplayer game is divided into Melee and Ranged and you have the choice between several weapons options in each, where you choose from a group of survivors each with its tools and weapons that you can fight with, the game also features a resource shortage on the basis of multiple means And tools which is a duty to create balance, which makes the game at times give you moments like Survival Horror games.

You will not be able to run and shoot everything you see at all times for two main reasons. First, bullets and ammunition are not so abundant. Second, shooting means drawing attention to larger numbers of zombies. This means that you will rely more on Melee weapons such as rackets, iron bars or the Machete knife.

Animations When fighting zombies with Melee weapons is great and responds to the strike site, it gives you a better feeling. Other weapons range from Sub machine Guns, Revolvers, and Sniper Rifles, but remember the sound factor, where excessive use of weapons and causing lots Of the noise should lead many zombies swarms towards you, and then often you will not survive or escape because of the huge numbers that will not stop attacking you.

Combining the former factor with the difficulty of eliminating zombies in the first place makes some confrontations impossible and sometimes frustrating. Perhaps this is what the Overkill development team wanted to feel the difficulty and cruelty of the zombies and the end of the world.

Diversity is also available in zombie species, where Overkill's Walking Dead offers several types of zombie armor, in police uniform or zombie suicide, which explodes as you approach the zombie you will meet most of the time in the game. Combine this with poor human encounters inside the game and you will get a unique mixture of good and bad.

On the other hand, the design of the environment in the game is outstanding and even wonderful in many places where it has been captured and redesigned some areas that are quite similar to areas of Washington City.
Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Technical Problems and Bugs Destroy Experience:

One of the problems of the game is also the very long time that the game takes in Loading Screens even on powerful PC devices, in addition to the expected time when Matchmaking attempts or return to your base or main menu, long waiting between these things reduces the feeling of enthusiasm if it is present and makes the atmosphere The game is intermittent and above that, the player will certainly be bored.

This is not all. The game is full of bugs and other technical problems that make the game experience like an incomplete Early Access game. That's what some players said too. Many of these problems were also in the Overkill's Walking Dead beta. The same problems and Bugs already What is the reason for beta specifically ?!

Maybe if you can ignore these problems or Overkill treat them and with playing with your friends you can enjoy the game, very stressful to play with your friends because frankly the game will not be possible at all if you play with some strangers online, all we can promise you to I did it a lot of anger and a lot more frustration.

Although cooperation in a game is designed to be a multiplayer in the first place, but it is strange that there is no way to connect to the voice in the game, you can of course connect with your friends via Steam or third party programs such as Discord, but to develop Multiplayer game without a means of communication between the players is certainly strange Especially in 2018.

Defensive modes in the game defensive modes offer a fun challenge, but it ends quickly and below. The content of the game seems aimless, given the element of non-presence of the elements of the story, in the midst of these stages you will have to do all the resources for your survivors camp Which makes you busy more than just fighting.

Players and Progression system are positive:

As for the progress and development of characters, the game provides a good experience in terms of diversity of personalities and diversity of capabilities that you can develop in each of them through Skill Trees, which enables you to develop capabilities such as better correction, better ammunition or better crafting the tools you use.

You will have the choice of four characters, each with a special class. For example, you have the Scout, the Aidan, the Tank, the Tactician Grant, and the Maya Support.

Developing your personality is a continuous process during play. Each stage and every attempt will contribute to it. Even when you lose, which is undoubtedly good, imagine the loss in a game that does not do much to discover that the time spent is useless or literally useful.

Development and Progression may be the most fun part of the game. We all love the multiplayer RPG elements in Multiplayer games. Develop your personality and get the advantages. Grinding sometimes has the magic effect when you think about continuing to play some games.

Overkill's The Walking Dead is not an absolutely bad game but it is certainly not a complete game in its current form and therefore does not deserve the price of a full-fledged game. However, Overkill can no doubt increase content from gameplay and additions to gameplay, solve technical problems from the bugs, and the long time needed for Matchmaking and longer loading times. Then we will find ourselves in front of a game that we really deserve to try and enjoy as we enjoy watching the series The Walking Dead.

you can download game from Overkill’s The Walking Dead

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