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Friday, June 7, 2019



Japan's Action-RPG series Monster Hunter is popular, especially in Japan, but the series is not as popular and popular in the West, the Middle East and other countries as the previous parts of the series were not released in the same time as in Japan. But Capcom finally decided with Monster Hunter World to be the first version of the series to be issued in all countries at the same time, in an effort to expand the grass roots in the game outside of Japan and the East Asian countries, has the company succeeded in doing so , This is what we will know from the inside I have never had the opportunity to experience any previous part of the Monster Hunter series, but I have not denied it strongly since it was announced on E3 2017 and I have followed it since then, and I have experienced the beta and although I feel a little complicated mechanisms but I do not deny that I enjoyed it Especially as I always have the best action-RPG games, and when the game comes to us to be reviewed this feeling faded with a judicial for the first hours of play.

About The Game : 

Let's start talking about the world of the game. The game has one of the best realms of games I've seen in the last few years - the amazing graphics level - even on the usual PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - which I could not explain yet, especially as the game only needs 15 GB It is a little space compared to the games that offer a close level of what I have seen in this game. Every area of ​​the game has a unique level of design for the other area and I do not deny the greatness of the old forest areas and the coral heights in particular, but all areas are excellent and I never feel bored On a visit The game is also characterized by the interaction of monsters and animals with the environment, and their interaction with each other, I spent a lot of times just to watch the great Gargas monster, looking for his food and devouring his prey completely, and then throw some food for the small animals Jargas small to address It is also a very simple example of what the game offers in the interaction of monsters together, some of which can be used to your advantage while catching a monster. For example, one time when I was hunting an Anganath monster, I drew him to the Rathias dragon, With In a fierce battle while I was standing and my Palico watched the battle from afar, the Anganath was completely exhausted and ran away to get out of it to do it completely.

The Story :

The story of the game is very simple, as the player is the hunter of monsters sent with the Fifth Fleet to explore the new world and find out why the awakening of the ancient dragons and the emergence of Zorra Magdoras again, and will lead the events of the game to hunt several monsters on your trip to try to catch Zorra Magdoras and know the cause of his appearance and behavior, I'm not attracted to the story so much, not because of its weakness as angstily in catching monsters and developing armor and weapons of mine, the simplicity of the story is enough, but if you buy the game because of her story, it is more likely, because the real game fun in its world and its style of play. The player in every mission is his own palico, a cat-like animal that helps the player fight and also picks up some valuable elements from the surrounding environment. After completing a task, the player will move to his or her headquarters and the mission. My first few hours in the game I felt a bit disoriented and I do not know what I can do at the base but with a two day judging in the game I learned a lot of things and with the passage of time and progress in the story and ending some of the side tasks will help you upgrade the base and open new sections.
You can do a lot of things at the base, you can develop your weapons and armor, upgrade them and develop your own weapons and armor. You can also go to the restaurant for a meal, give you some extra capacity and health before you do a task, or supply supplies from your own supplier , And follow your progress in the grants provided by the Resource Management Department of the base for special prizes for the development of armor, or to move to the arena to fight a monster and many and many things that will spend long periods of time, the game is full of special activities and will make you busy for hours without If you feel bored you can go to your room to practice or watch your aquarium for example or have a little rest. Tasks are divided into four types: story tasks, side tasks, surveying tasks and events, for story tasks are the main tasks of the story in which you try to discover the secret behind Side missions are tasks that will help you develop your base and open new camps in the areas you have explored. The Secretariat has had fun in some of these tasks. Perhaps one of them is stealing stolen dragon eggs and trying to escape from the dragon toward the area. The tasks of the survey are hunting missions or families of monsters that you can do more than once for valuable prizes, and finally the tasks of the events are tasks that are available for a limited period of time against the prizes offered by the company to the players in the game. Monster Hunter World offers players 14 different weapons The player can upgrade these weapons using the tools that the player gets from killing the monsters, and the weapons range from heavy weapons, light and long-range, and strongly advise you to get used to more than one weapon of every kind, or at least one weapon of every kind because the strategy of your killing of the monsters may Vary from monster to another and need to change TB I was in the camp before fighting a new monster. My favorite weapon was the hammer, the double blade and the bow, but at times I played with the sword and the armor, for example, or the long sword and all the weapons offered powerful and wonderful abilities and excellent combo movements, you will need some time to master them. The game has very deep RPG mechanisms that require a lot of time to learn and get to know all of them, and you will need to know the usefulness of each element you get from the environment and what you will use. The movie clips of the game are designed in a very distinctive way and enjoyed a lot. With great sound effects and classical music, but I still have the knots of having a hero who does not just talk and smile. I wish I had added a vocal performance to the character of the hero so I can live with him more, but that makes me feel a bit bored with the character as I did in The Legend of Zelda: BOTW - which by the way I chose as the best game of 2017 -
I wanted to finish the review with a side-by-side so that the players knew how much freedom the players would have in the game. The task was to get two eggs from the plants' eggs. After half an hour, I could not find the nest of these monsters, but I remembered my vision A monster called Koo-lo-yaku is eating eggs constantly, so I watched him and walked behind him without noticing me until he arrived at the nest of the plant's nest to steal the eggs and return them again, and then you stole the eggs of these monsters and ran quickly to the camp. At the same time, Rear attempt rhythmic and take eggs Me again, this task Chartni the size of freedom available to the players to do the job as they like, and how to implement the hunt or kill any monster experience will vary from player to another.

The game comes with a list of texts, dialogues and textual translations distinct, I have not seen mistakes or difficulty in understanding some sentences except in rare, and we hope more support from the company for the Arabic language in its next games.

Finally : 

Monster Hunter World has successfully re-launched Capcom, and has expanded its players, especially in the West and the Middle East at the same time as Japan. The game has provided an integrated game world that will be difficult to beat from any other game this year, It is a promising start to another year marked by strong games.

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