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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been under development for a long time with a large segment of players eagerly watching the ambitious Warhorse Studio project and trying to work on a different RPG game that is realistic instead of fantasy. After a wait period the title was finally released to give us historical events focusing on the Kingdom of Bohemia. Medieval times, one of the most important kingdoms of the Roman Empire, but the main purpose of video games has always been entertainment and entertainment. Has the game succeeded, or has exaggerated realism negatively affected user interaction with events? This is what we are trying to describe by reviewing the game currently available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Deliverance takes us on a journey back to 1403 AD, when the war in Bohemia started at the orders of the Hungarian king Sigmund, where mercenaries attacked one of the most important economic cities that rely on silver as the main source of income. The son of a simple citizen who works as a bishop, and after witnessing the devastation and devastation brought on by this war, Henry decided to join the forces of Lord Radzig Kobyla, commander of the resistance movement, to stand up to the forces of "Sigismund", and although it seems as if "Henry" is trying to retaliate to his family Which he lost, but he was doing so with the aim of restoring Security and stability of the kingdom, and the inauguration of King "Jenselaus IV" as ruler of the country instead of his half-brother "Sigmund".

Regardless of the general appearance of the game, which will be unfair without doubt if the title compared with the Witcher 3, but the game in general provides the same feeling, where the user finds himself in a huge virtual world depends on the elements of games that succession of roles clearly and explicitly and provides different ideas did not The game plays a positive role, whether it is positive or negative. Here the player reacts to the events from the perspective of the third person, which requires you to focus on the details and models of characters and various elements scattered in the virtual world, which leads to negative views due to the limited quality provided by the game , Here it is a With its small production cost of a project rather than clearly it appeared in almost all the elements one way or another, but this does not preclude the fact that the game features a realistic and difficult at the same time, which resulted in exciting situations and enjoyable tasks in an unconventional way.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The Story : 

The events begin in a simple way in which the user recognizes the environment and the main elements and lines of the story. It does not take much time before Henry finds himself alone and decides to join the resistance forces, and since the main character comes from a rather limited social class, Henry will find that no To gain the trust of others and reach a better level in the hierarchy of the Kingdom only through hard work and implement orders that ask him strictly.
Although the game looks less glamorous than other RPG games in many aspects, but it has a lot of aesthetic appearances and designs that will attract players, whether rural or densely populated urban areas populated and touched mostly normal daily activities, or even the massive battles that by the ugly show The era of the Middle Ages, realism here is not limited to the style of games and clashes only, but extends to the scenario of the game and the various dialogues between the virtual characters that try to attract the attention of the player by addressing the topics of thorny characterized the era such as the class system and the role of religion in the alive Citizens and the benefits obtained by the cavalry category, but those topics were not deep enough, or play a prominent role as would the events in the future.

The same applies to the talks system, every scene film touches a player or any key figure stops to chat with them a little find himself in front of a number of options that reflect his personality and his ideas according to what settles it, but those options in the overall feel the player as in front of an ambitious project, but limited And thus it would be a dull and useless period, but on the other hand, the title provided an excellent diversity of the content of his tasks, ranging from solving murders to supervising church celebrations or eliminating heretics and freeing the population from their poisonous ideas.

The main reason for the Traqbi project and awaited during the last period is fighting the deadly clashes that have appeared in promotions that are realistic and huge numbers of fighters, the fighting here is not random as I thought, the matter is linked to the level that the player and his skill fighting came to him, and based on this can many address The main drawback is the first person perspective, which makes it very difficult to control the pace of events, because you can not focus on what is happening around you. In addition, directing many strikes is useless because of the distance between you and your opponents. Seen remarkable in the implementation of some combat movements which made me angry in many'm steaming tasks.
On the other side can blow one to be a reason to get rid of your opponent, where the combat system is characterized by extreme precision, and the need to read your opponent and wait for the right moment to pounce on it, and over time, the player skills Aktar help him in control of any battle touches it acquires, whether directing a mortal blow after repelling a surprise attack from your opponent, or to exploit Tmarz guards wrongly to eliminate them at full speed, there are more diverse such as relying on stealth and the use of the bow in the hunt for your opponents options, but you will need a long period of training to master this and will suffer initially from your inability to Accidentally damage your opponents.

Of course, there are other options to avoid those battles, such as Henry's ability to persuade and speak confidently with others, his personal cleanliness, the armor he wears, or even the sleep he has spent. All these factors come together and contribute in one way or another to avoiding battles and relying on textual conversations instead of Spread your sword in the face of all who oppose your way.

What I really like is the attention to the details in an excellent way I have never experienced in any previous RPG game, where Henry has a diverse skill tree and based on the skills he has acquired can address different tasks, for example the player lacks many tasks if If the user tries to talk to a noble person after the end of one of the battles covered with blood and mud, the other person will completely ignore you and will not talk to you until after you appear in the form of Appropriate.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the worst games to reward the player for sightseeing and exploration, as you will not find any interesting tools or equipment, not to mention the lack of the game to diversify enemies and continue to face thieves again and again, in addition to obstacles Which block your way whenever you wandered for a while in a limited area and reached the end of the map.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance has many unique ideas that can really help to develop RPG games in the future, but relying on realism alone does not guarantee success as video games are primarily a recreational industry. Huge but almost empty, the impact of the person's first perspective is negatively on the battles, the scenario and the conversations that try to look deep but are not so in fact.

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