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Wednesday, June 19, 2019



Have you ever thought that 16-bit games offered everything in their package and could no longer do it? We are pleased to tell you that you are wrong dear reader, as the game developers are still day after day, proving that the imagination of the human is limitless, our game we are reviewing today is a real example of it.

Iconoclasts are a rare case in the world of games, they are a game designed by only one person. Yes, the talented Swedish designer Joakim Sandberg has worked on this game and painted its entire world with Ksla Baksala, moving each character, designing each puzzle, and each stage. Not only that, but Joachim also composed the game, and we can say that this game represents a personality designed entirely, and his vision of 16-bit games golden era, and how he wanted to be.

Let's begin by explaining the nature of the game. Iconoclasts is a two-dimensional adventure game with metroidoid elements. The game can not be considered a true metroid. The game world is connected but it does not depend on the loss of the game world and the upgrade of abilities to reach new places. In fact, upgrading capabilities plays a very simple role. This game. The game relies on fighting and solving puzzles in the first place, in addition to exploration.

The Story : 

The story of this game is about a world ruled by an object known as Mother and controlled by a strange organization called One Concern. This organization pulls the white-colored Ivorian energy from the planet (which reminds us of the Seventh Fantasy Fancy and Shinra) and feeds its mechanisms, It also conducts experiments in which humans integrate with the Ivorian, those who subsequently acquire nonhuman capabilities and become agents responsible for enforcing order. Those who survive this process ideally become qualified to lead the human race and acquire the ability to control What contains the Ivorian.

In this world, only Mechanics licensed by One Concern have the right to handle the machines run by the Evori and perform maintenance, but our heroine Robin is self-taught, because of her love and willingness to help people, Concern and out of the law, led by the adventure to meet with many characters and visit many areas in the world of the game, relying on the key Secretary!

The storyline that this game poses is not new. It discusses the misleading of people and the sanctity of one thing or another in accordance with the interests of the higher classes. We believe narrative narrative was really good for an independent game. In fact, this game has a lot of dialogues, and has a good crew of characters. Sometimes the game succeeded in drawing a smile on our lips, and at other times, made us sympathize with some of its characters, and perhaps the disciple Mina is our favorite character in this game. However, the way in which the dialogues were formulated was not always perfect, as we felt that some of the characters had a lot of flamboyant philosophical talk to turn around and turn around simple points, which sometimes lost the meaning for the player.

The way of playing :

Here is the real power of Iconoclasts and shine like the sun of the afternoon! At the beginning, we would like to assure you that this game has a collection of the greatest battles of the leaders we have experienced in any two-dimensional game at all, if not the best! These battles are not difficult Megaman games, for example, but they are more genius and innovative, one of the battles in the game coming directly from the series of Gear Gear Solid and the famous part of the third part, and will not tell you about any battle we talk so as not to spoil the surprise. At the same time there is another battle that seems to be coming directly to us from the legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. The diversity of the game in the battles of the leaders deserves all the admiration.

With regard to fighting against normal enemies, this part of the game is not very different from the other two-dimensional games, there are many types of enemies, there is not much depth in the way they fight, and anyway our heroine Robin can shoot, Close by using the key, or landing strongly over the enemies when jumping, and when progress in the game will get Robin additional capabilities, and these abilities and weapons will play their role not only in the battles of leaders, but in solving the puzzles as well.

Solving puzzles is a big part of the game in balance with the fight of leaders. We can say that the design of the puzzles in the game is really perfect, and some of them made us think for a long time about how to get to this or that, or how to move that platform. We lost ourselves a bit in the game world. However, the game reached its highest point in our perspective when we reached the stage of the tower, this stage of great design and interlocking, which requires finding a number of keys by solving a variety of puzzles, and contains many of the elevators distributed and Leading you up and down, with a number of stairs and aisles through the ventilation holes. The sense of accomplishment when you solve one of the tower's mysteries and progress to the next step was really great!

Joachim Sandberg made a great effort to draw and move this game. The experience of this game on the screen of the great Nintendo Switch was a great experience and brought back to us the beautiful 16-bit era of the Sigma and Nintendo in the 1990s, Gameboy Advance, a great effort has been made to move, so that the characters will make certain moves for some scenes specifically, and do not repeat them after that! For one person, we can not even imagine how Joaquim did all that alone, and for the relatively large content in the game, we really wonder how he did it all in seven years. The amount of passion and love that Joaquim Sandberg has pumped up during the development of this game seems to be truly remarkable, and we may well see it.

Even the music was composed by Joaquim Sandberg, the first region of green nature to carry that delightful melody that invites you to adventure, and the One Concern advanced areas have a music-like character that suits the sanctity the game tries to portray. On the other hand, there is no vocal representation of any kind in the game.

Iconoclasts is one of the best games an owner can buy, and if we have a weak point in the game, it was in the tweaks system, first For the few promotions available, and secondly for the little impact we felt on playing. The weakness of the promotion system in the game has adversely affected even our desire to explore, because we felt that opening treasures does not reward us with the required degree. However, Iconoclasts puts itself next to Celeste and Hollow Knight as the largest independent games on home appliances this year.

You can download Iconoclasts from Steam

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