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Friday, June 21, 2019



FE is a 3D game with an open environment and the first title within the "EA Originals" series. The program, which supports independent developers, will play with a fox-like object called "Fe" and your task here is to save the forest from newcomers who take away all kinds of life, I said open environment to explore things will be found here and some of them are easy to transport and some allow you to access other areas and will not be all available and the reason that the forest and its creatures will not respond to you until you master their own languages.

A beautiful, pure and diverse Fe environment that is in harmony with the artistic direction of the game from a graphical or visual perspective, which is somewhat similar to the game Ori And The Blind Forest. The sounds adapt to the environment in actual play or in terms of artistic direction. You will find different types of animals and birds in the forest, so you can communicate with the creatures of the forest threatened by the arrivals who call "Silent Ones" you should gain their confidence and freedom, giving you better access to other areas that allow you to edit more and more , Communicate with another creature by pressing the RT button \ R2Mg line through which the sounds through the tune and learn the language of this animal or bird, which made me sympathize with these creatures, especially in the beginning and access to them in the beginning and the ways to see these creatures are different and this is beautiful.

The story : 

In the midst of all this you will find and you are going in the way puzzles that are not difficult or the game in full does not constitute a broad challenge, but fun and nice, the game requires you to sneak in order not to be caught by the "Silent Ones" when you want to edit these creatures And I see that the enemies again do not pose a danger to the player and does not add depth to them, sometimes you are monitored if you are in the same blind corner of the same enemy and sometimes you are not monitored where you feel that artificial intelligence is unpredictable and quickly hiding and very easy to avoid them and There are skills and abilities you can get by combining pink and pink diamonds in Fe and Banhai You can finish the game without it, but only two things you will find early, one of the annoying things that reduced the life of the "short" game more is the presence of a bird to guide you exactly where to go and what is required of you to do sometimes although there is a bookmark in the map But you have a bird and a map guide you what to do in the game as if it urges you to finish the game whether you like or not by pressing the RT / R2 button on the button until the bird comes to you and press the same button once One will knock you on the road.
There are collections in each area of ​​them as you continue to play as I mentioned before, such as Crystal, which gives you more skills as well as balls open to you scenes before the events of the game or what happened before the present moment also will discover walls written stories of creatures in the area, Many, to mention the story is true that sometimes the factor of the story is not important in the game of platforms in general, but when I ended I found myself puzzled because there are no conversations and I did not seek moments in a game more than I did not seek a real achievement and said " This is the end of the game, is it really over? "Sha Many factors, such as the shortness of Fe's age, and the absence of those moments that have been lost in memory for a long time, have been blessed.

Positives :

  1. Side of exploration.
  2. Puzzles are not difficult but fun.
  3. The appearance of the game and the artistic orientation.
  4. Sound and music design.

Negatives :

  1. Shorten the game
  2. Surface infiltration.
  3. The game tells you exactly what you are required to do

Conclusion :

Fe game of course is not the best games of this product does not give moments in memory and find that there are many ideas not exploited properly, which is not generally the experience of life, but a beautiful passing experience, especially with the appearance of the game and the nice artistic direction.

You can download the game from FE

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