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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Destiny 2 Forsake
Destiny 2 Forsake

Destiny has always enjoyed a lot of admiration and criticism, but it always found a favorite place for its fans. With the release of the second part, the game presented a very strong and distinctive story, but the game suffered severe criticism of its contents after the end of the game and the main story. Season Pass and the added content Curse of Osiris and Warmind and the studio promise to fix all the problems and deliver content that fans like with Destiny 2: Forsaken. Indeed, I can say that Forsaken is a big step in the right direction of the game which makes us wonder why the game was not released from Come on So how ?!

The Story : 

This time the story takes us to The Reef, where a major escape from one of the most famous prisons in the galaxy has taken place. The first of the criminals has been put into the cage and collaborates initially with Cayde-6 and Petra Venj to restore stability in this prison but things end badly, By Uldren Sov, the brother of the famous Queen of Reef, Mara Sov, in a cold-blooded death, with his absolute gang called the Barons to begin your journey and cooperate with one of the most famous Spider Spider, belonging to Fallen class to eliminate this gang and stop Uldren Sov what he would like to do.

I really enjoyed the story and I really liked Bungie this time to present a strong story similar to the main story of the second part and also The Taken King - but I do not want to use a statement learned from their mistakes because if they had already learned they were repeating the same mistakes the first part with the second part, And then they fix it for a high amount in my opinion the player paid - but back to the story I liked the studio here to link Adventures better story and became an integral part of it, which I wish to be in the main game and be linked to the main story better.

But what I am most surprised about is the courageous and courageous decision of Bungie, the death of Cayde-6. I will not deny you anything. I did not believe any offer I saw before it was released and I always said it was just a propaganda for expansion. My opinion, so my shock was great at the time of the Cayde-6 killing so much that I closed my hands and completed the game the next day, but what Galley cured the next day was to add one of my favorite weapons in any game, the Bow, so it was very fun and I felt like Green Arrow. Many times.

The game introduces a new class of enemies for the first time, the Scorns, one of the Fallen categories that have been subjected to something changed by this form and controlled by Uldren Sov, and expansion also offers a distinguished group of leaders who will give you diversity and difference in the distinctive battles in front of them, After the end of the main story, you will start another mission to reach the area called The Dreaming City, where you can start the task of Raid, which I will talk about in the next paragraph.

The new Raid mission that was introduced in this expansion may be the most difficult in the series for me. In fact, I do not want to burn anything on you but it is not a task that you can finish in two hours. For example, you should be very patient and coordinate with other members The team was not able to finish the Raid until recently, so the review was delayed all this time, because there is a surprise after the end of the Raid, where after the termination of a new Strike task will be linked to the story significantly.

But we come to one of the points that always bother me with the series, the Random Engrams. I can simply say that I did not get any real value weapon or special equipment from the Raid finish, but I got better gifts in some of the easiest missions or through Crucible or Gambit etc. Of other game modes in the game, and not only that when I go to deconstruct the Engrams and have at least 3 or 4 Engram the three may be the same element which provoked a very provocative especially after a judicial period of time in the game Monster Hunter World, for example with its system of awards and wonderful, I hope that Bungie Studio will work on a mechanism to fix this problem .

In this phase two teams compete for each team of 4 players, where they face the waves of one enemy, either Fallen or Cabal or any other enemy and when you eliminate one of the enemies they shoot Motes of Light and begin your task of filling your team's ward with the required number of motes before the other team. When you put 5, 10 or 15 motes at the same time you will close the other team's locker and show a strong enemy and then you or a member of your team can jump from the gate For the area played by the other team and trying to eliminate them within a certain period of time to make it difficult for them, and The end when the Treasury completes one of the leaders and the winning team will show is able to eliminate this leader first, in fact, this was the most important addition to the game has long suffered Crucible of repetition patterns, but now with Gambit, which offers a new idea I am able, I say I am completely satisfied with what is provided by the expansion.

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