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Friday, June 7, 2019



Mr. Miyazaki's famous games of Demon Solz and Dark Solz are known for their very mysterious narration, meaning you can play the whole game and get rid of it, and Madary Ish is in the story and not what you're talking about. Bloodborne is the one who took this route and built the story the same way. The idea in the Miyazaki games is that you play the game and take the tools and objects of the game and read the things in which it is written and through which you ride the story according to your understanding and the time period they are reminded by the events, The dialogues you hear (though few) and how very simple film clip. The biggest focus is that you explore and travel all the places in the game and read everything when you have the story. No . The whole idea is that you take all the tools in the game and hold the paper and pen and read all the lines in which and receive yourself begin to understand most of the things you see and then conclude the game again at least when you discover more and more.

The Story:

At first I need to explain how I am going to tell you the story of this great game. The story of the basic things you need to know before we do not go into the details of our accurate understanding of the story, and possible Bntabak ambiguity at the beginning or say Mavhmt points linked to each other and I understood initially understanding the rest of the details of the story and I try to I never lost you in the story. My goal is that it connects you with very simple information, but you can understand it better than a million pieces of information, and it is a very important point for you to read the first and last goal is to explain what is going on in the game and that is why I explained the story of Bloodborne in the title. The idea in this article is to reveal the clouds and fog and imported from our eyes and we play without going into sub-events or things not related to the main story directly, I mean you say you finish the article and finished and understand 90% of the sitting sitting.

The road starts from the blood :

Since the game revolves around the blood and the basic pillar is blood, we have understood the basic fast things about blood, and of course this point to be associated with the game and that is why I mentioned the first thing. In general, blood consists of three main things: red blood cells, which are responsible for the transfer of oxygen in the body, and white blood cells are responsible for the defense against foreign objects that attack the body, and plasma, which is the medium in which the cells are active. The second point is the name of the game itself Bloodborne or blood disease, which is the meaning of the disease of human transformation - in the meaning of the game - which we know the details later, and which spread from person to person through blood transfusion, which is often called Bloodborne Pathogen.

The Public Story :

At first we take the story as it is clear in its surface and finished playing in order to be a general image. In the beginning, Bechov plays, he is sitting in a seated person carrying blood and he gets his note after he's gone looking for Pale Blood. And of course Mafi Shi tells you about the details of this blood in the clinic or the first of them in the city of Yarnam, the first graduate of the city to receive that the whole nation mutated as if they are all desperate and want to beat you and others who want to Yshovuk originally. And if one of them kills you, rise up in a second area called hunters dream and receive a German and a puppet to talk to you, and tell you that this was the place of the hunters and the gear and things you wanted to use throughout your important game. Paleblood and the spirit of the Church and you can know the former and continue to play and ended killing monsters and leaders to reach the leader of a leader named Mergo's wet nurse and slay him and return to the Hunter Dream and slay you or the German conflict and the game ends. As simple as I mentioned, he graduated from the game and lose all the important things sitting behind the scenes and the focus is only enjoy the system of playing no more and no less. In short, the game begins with your goal, you kill the mergo's wet nurse and spend the monsters in alleys and 
corridors of the stages.

A nation was the cause :

The game of Bloodborne has all the problems in which all the plains in which they are caused are due to a very very ancient nation. This nation is called the Thomirians or Pthumerians, and this nation or civilization had its dwellings and way of living only in the low and lowlands of the lands and under the roof of cities or underground. In comparison to the time they lived in, they were considered to be supernatural people in their lives and their use of what was around them, meaning they were known to use fire in weapons and everyday gadgets in their lives. This civilization had a certain system in their lives, for example Keepers who were protecting and watching the area where they live and other systems. In general, this civilization was discovered at one time strange beings living in certain areas and which are the Great ones or the great ones. And believed and believed in the principle that they have to protect and control these creatures and this is their work and be keepers who we mentioned previously and built an area called Pthumerian Ihyll and landed a princess on them and Princess Jarnam, and then the community and the length of anything supernatural and strange worship XD. The important thing is that they were worshiped and reached these great beings. And always the passion of man leads him to do the impossible, Vali did these people that they tried to get closer to talk and communicate with one of the greats and that is Formless Oedon because they also try they reach the level of the great, and in return this communication bore their mother Jarnam this child great (because it was in the noose of worship and rituals But as the game reminds us that every great child dies in the womb (if he is in the same great womb) but this is in the womb of a man and that is Jarnam, but Jarnam died because of this pregnancy. The first place to show this princess is to fight the leader ROM (who knows the spiders) and the slaughter of the Princess and the blood of the uterus and also show before the entrance to fight Mergo's wet nurse. After a while, they came to other people. Of course, they were interested in this civilization and the things they were talking about. They founded the town of Jarnam (the same name as the Pthumerians), including a man named William.

Great Ones :

One of the many things that Bloodborne is about is the great ones, even though they face very little or no talk about them in the game. The only great goal you can clear in the game you kill (in general) is Mergo who walks in the stages of the game with the guidance of Germain and what came when fighting Mergo wet nurse and slaughtered and writes Nightmare slain and returns to the Hunter Dream when he slaughters German (according to the end) and saves you from the I finished it. In general, what we are talking about here is that the greats are very different beings from human or human identity, who call them inhuman or inhuman. Their beginnings started as simple but they evolved themselves and they looked for more until they reached the cosmos or who in the game called Cosmos. And of course according to the concept of the game that the universe you are talking about is the universe that we know and according to the description of the game that the sky and the universe is one thing, but it is not within the reach of our vision and good but close.
And the important Shi after he had the great ones wanted to develop or connect to the great sources and this is what you see in Pearl slug who received in the game and tells you that in some of them were left and isolated, including Daughter of the Cosmos. One of the two great players in the game, which is Moon Presence, which controls everything in the Hunter Dream and the first time he appeared Lawrence because of the call and call Laurence him, the important is that the Moon Presence held German (one way or another) and connected to the world of Hunter Dream. The idea in the subject is that the great ones had somehow to communicate with the human world with the aim of being born and multiplying, and the strangest and perhaps the greatest Oedon whose money form and no sense but the sound works on this process and the idea of ​​reproduction. Also important is that according to the game, once the red moon appears, the great ones lose their children. In the game, they start to hear the child's birth and childbirths. The ROM does not kill and the Red Moon appears. Princess Jarnam presents the first sign of the subject.

The meeting is the beginning :

The story of Bloodborne actually begins because of a meeting between several key characters in the game. But before you go into the details of the characters, let's know what this meeting is. It is always a man who develops in the development, prosperity and desire to acquire the new strength, knowledge, knowledge and other well-known desires of man and to follow in the footsteps and the rumors that are reminiscent of the civilization of Thomirians in this aspect as well. In Bloodborne, this is the goal of the story and caused all the plagues seen in the game. The meeting took place among a group of students and researchers in this field. It was headed by William (who sat in the chair on the top floor of the building in Bergen Wirth) Which he received in the workshop), Karel and Mikulash (who has a cage head) and his inconsistency in Nightmare of Mensis. The meeting between them is that they are looking for a certain way or a certain way they develop from the human being and devoid of a sophisticated and prosperous object, and of course all of the students and researchers respected the character of Willem and Yanadoha Master Willem. All these events were in Bergen Wirth, and at the same time Willem founded the Bergen Wirth College, which studies the development and studies they have done, and sent the doores to the places of the Gherryans as they explore them.
In fact, Doris discovered an inferior area (of course, a clue of the Gullerians) in which great beings and those who call them in the game Great Ones whose world is very different from our real world or the real world of the game and even the way of communicating with them are very different and found in their areas is the umbilical cord of the great Which is called the Third Umbilical Cord. Karel is able to communicate in a way with them, and he receives special pieces that provide you with your energy or abilities. Karel turns their words into symbols and forms through which we can communicate with them. In the same period, Germain estimated that he was collecting old blood in the caves and residences of the Gullerians who were originally leading to great places.

And also the science of Germain or the College of Bergen and generally inherit the area called fishing village or fishing Hamlet that it is the emergence of one of the great and the great is KOS, and of course, the people are worshiping the remains of this great orphan who is great died (after Orphan) because, as we said Every great man carries the penalty of the lamb being his death, and some of them turned to Chi more than being a human being because of this worship, and took this orphan from that great to Bergen and inherits after committing massacres and massacres there he and his pupil Maria (who can never forget a conversation) and non-kidnappings Who were living there, all for the Bergen-Ware College research And, of course estimates showing this area in the content of your game The Old Hunters. Of these remnants, you are one of the enemies and that is the ROM you are fighting in the city of Bergen and inherits in the game by injecting blood and great remains in the spider and appeared in this form. The operation and the crimes they had done at Fishing Hamlet were considered a great sin by the early fishermen of the German and Ludwig gangs, and so in the DLC they were told that they were defending a certain secret and Mairdock knew it and that is what they did in fishing hamlet and specifically killing the great KOS.

Separation and difference :

A very important point in Bloodborne is the axis of the coup and the radical transformation in its events is the difference between Lawrence and Willem on the discovery we mentioned earlier, the discovery of the great. The point of difference between them is as follows: The personality of Willem was revealed that the development of man and his prosperity is knowledge and study of the great without resorting to any intervention of the great directly to their lives, but Lawrence saw the opposite completely that the great are the basis in their development is through blood or the old blood Blood. And, of course, any agreement reached between them on this subject and Lawrence announced his separation from the group (Willem group) and this thing shows him and hear what the skull stuck in the church and hear him say that he was away from William and then accused William Lawrence of betrayal. Lawrence, of course, is the same, after they have completed the ROM that they are experimenting with humans and humans, and thus Willem opposed this idea. This division was divided into two parts: a section that went with Lawrence, Mikulash and Jermann, and a division with Master Willem, who was Karel and also Dors (who received it and wanted the password before entering Bergen Wirth). At the same time, the Cainhurst castle was eager to learn and take the old blood, communicating with one of the anonymous researchers in Bergen and Wirth, as the ideas and research in the church led them.

Endings :

The end of the game of Plodboun can be one of the most beautiful endings that you have seen in terms of multiple endings because it creates an atmosphere of philosophy in the way you understand the story and the way of complementation and understanding. The first end in the game is that he gave up Germain slaughtered and rise again and ended Nasi everything became like the game says "salvation saved hunting and searched a few in the secrets and salvation is enough this thing and with safety XD" The idea that you have done the simple thing and the task required of you and this penalty is A quick gift to rise again and ended the hunters of fishing and Nasi darkness and everything related to the worlds I visited and her lip. At the same time you feel the sense that it was I was dreaming, and then I dream and not the former? It is important that I concluded fighting and hunting and concluded the game. And of course this is on the great side of the planned moon presence when you reach him in the end you understand everything. As for the second end, you refuse that Germaine kills you and in turn fights Germaine and get rid of the grip of the moon presence and its metaphors. At the same time it becomes taste and replaces German under the grip of the moon presence and continues hunter dream.
The third end takes three of the third umbilical cord and uses them all. This means that you have more information and knowledge about the great ones. In addition, you have reached a stage where it is possible to reach their followers, and then again reject the decision of German to kill you and kill him and then meet the moon presence, but this time it is able to take you together And what she kills you will write Nightmare slain and then rise as a child of the great in the hand of the doll in the dream. This was the goal of the real German that he finds Hunter and estimated kills this great moon presence and this explains the many graves that exist in hunter dream and also explain the words of fishermen who received them like Djoura who tells you that he was also in this dream, but he certainly failed in the mission.

And in need is important that this great moon presence also called paleblood and I expect that the first message received in the clinic for the rise of "seek the paleblood" was intended is this great and not the old blood, for example you have a character Gilbert who spoke from the window, and ask about paleblood tell you what is known Shi, how is it known to Shi and culture and the old blood is spread in a formidable Jarnam ?! However, this is evidence that the old blood is related to this name.

Share your opinion of the Bloodborne story and any comments or ideas we have missed in the comments.

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