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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Way Out
A Way Out

The Story : 

The story of the game is familiar, but its two characters, Leo and Vincent, are two prisoners who will have to work together to escape from jail and avoid being arrested by the police and the authorities, among which are many events that we know about the lives of both characters. There are different missions along the 10-hour story, which may be a short experience for some, but they carry a clear variety of tasks and play style. Sometimes players will have to rely on infiltration, stealth, and sometimes attack and fight tactics to survive.

This game is not a problem. You can share your copy of the game with your friend and play on the same screen. The game's feature is that the viewer is interactive. And the other player can enter the film scene, the aim of this move may be to keep the players feeling that the story's events are ongoing and not stopped, and that is positive for the game movement and adventures.

Play style : 

What we have seen in most of the thrills shows that the game will provide options for players from time to time. These options may change the course of the story. Both players will have to make a unified decision. They will also have to cooperate fully in some missions that rely on infiltration and escape from the police. Note which one of the players will have to return the task from the start, so it encourages some kind of verbal communication between the players as well as to make smart decisions in this regard.

The game will support the night and day cycle, so the players will find themselves in front of some exciting missions as night falls into the game. For example, there are some missions where you will have to escape the police dogs that will chase you through dense forest, Players will find themselves in different parts of the game world, such as a hospital that brings together a variety of play styles, including fighting and infiltration, to make quick decisions that affect the course of events.

There is a lot of similarity between A Way Out and other titles in the world of adventure games, just like The Last of Us and Uncharted. Hazelight offers a short experience but brings together players to spend time enjoying the game world and the story of Leo and Vincent. There are also some small details, such as how to help each other climb high places, or to set the timing of a knockout for the guards, which again makes us realize how deep the playing style is.

I have had some doubts about screen splitting. I have never been a fan of this kind of games ... but the development team seems to have a lot of interest in this point. For example, the two characters may be very close during some fighting scenes. , Thus providing a better vision for the players, you may think that it is a bit strange but very smooth and hardly affected by the experience of the game when it happens, but it is definitely positive!

Saa Baqa raised the issue of whether the game will achieve any success, and I mentioned in the article a few reasons that may hinder it, including the upcoming release of Far Cry 5, a huge game that a wide range of players want to buy, although the price of A Way Out does not exceed $ 30, but I think the game may not make big sales in its first weeks, and it may also be due to the fact that one copy is enough for players to play, so Josef may have come out right in saying that EA will not make any profits from this The game, but on the other hand, there is a factor of low media coverage compared to some other games in the arena h Leah, but I expect that the game will achieve stable sales in the coming weeks and perhaps a month from now when the price drop a little maybe.

The fee is at the level, Unreal Engine has been adopted and the details may seem better at night thanks to the lighting and the shadows provided by the engine, but overall A Way Out is beautiful in the graphics level and the tire rate seems stable during the overlap of different scenes. Which is an obstacle to the games of the cooperative phase. Music and sounds are also crystal clear in the game. Characters exchange conversations along events, something that reminds us of the interesting Uncharted series. Music also becomes exciting and dynamic at times, and this is very appropriate.

EA has confirmed that the game will not be available in the Middle East and this may be due to the fact that the game is relatively low budget and will not achieve significant financial income for the company, but an experience worth fighting if it is possible for you as a player, I might not recommend buying it now if you want to buy any other games coming in the near future, but it is worth it in the end!

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