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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What are the objects and objects you find in the game when you land
When you land on the map you will find that the objects usually appear in only the many houses and buildings. You will not find it lying between trees or on the road. These purposes are very varied in terms of their use and usefulness.

  • Game weapons

PUBG includes a very large variety of weapons, in fact, with more than 38 weapons now divided into several basic categories. Where there are non-firearms hand tools such as skillet and fencing, as there are many pistols, balance, light and heavy machine guns, and of course, snipers. Whatever your favorite style of play there are certainly compatible weapons with it.
Of course, weapons are found in very different quantities, some of which are more widespread than others, and some of these weapons are available exclusively through the boxes that the plane makes several times during the game. And to learn more about the weapons of the game of Bagee varied as the amount of damage caused by the speed of fire and other.

  • Game Accessories

Many of the weapons in the game have places to add attachments. These accessories are divided into multiple categories, where there are binoculars ranging up to the X15 in addition to expanded lead stores and accessories for a variety of fenders and fenders. Each of these accessories possesses different characteristics from the other and benefits in areas and damage in other areas. And with an explanation that goes on somewhat

  • Armors and helmets in a game of Peggy

The game includes three different levels of helmets and shields that help protect the player from shooting the enemies and reduce the damage caused by them. These three levels range in rareness, of course, with the first (and lowest) level being the most common, reducing 30% of the damage to bullets received by the player, and then the level of gas that absorbs 40% of the damage. Finally, the third level is difficult to absorb, which absorbs 55% of the damage .
It is important to note that the helmets and shields do not last forever, they have a limited damage rate, and after a number of strikes completely crash and disappear, leaving the player exposed to the full damage to the bullets coming. It is therefore important to remember replacing shields and helmets with damaged or damaged ones.

  • Bags in a game of Peggy

When the player first drops he has the ability to carry a very small amount of additional tools and ammunition to continue the game. This storage space expands when you wear a body armor and is expandable with a backpack. There are 3 levels of backpacks that allow you to carry a larger amount of ammunition and other tools available as shields and helmets. The third level is the best among them being the largest capacity.

  • The healing and activation tools in the game of Peggy

As you play against all the other players in fact, it makes sense that the game includes many different healing tools that help you restore the points of life that you own, and includes activation tools to help accelerate the jogging and improve the correction and complete the restoration of the points of life even.

  • For healing tools, these are:
  • Bandages

These tools are the most prevalent of their class and are available in many places. Where one needs 4 seconds and returns 10 points of life to the player but limited to 75% only, meaning that you can not restore the points of life higher than 75 using dressings, but to use another method.

  • First aid kits

This tool is the most practical among the various healing tools in the game Peggy. As they are widely spread on the one hand, and they restore the points of life of the player to the level of 75% regardless of the health of the player before use. But as bandages do not allow this healing number higher than 75%

  • Med Kit

This tool is the most scarce and most effective among the tools available. It is possible to play several games without finding any of them, but when used, this tool returns the points of life to 100% regardless of the extent of damage suffered by the player.

  • Energy Drink

This drink is the most popular on the map and the most preferred as well, as it occupies a small space of the bag and gives an additional 40% activity boost.

  • Pain Killer

This type is less favorable than the energy drink. In fact, although it gives an extra 60% of the activity, it takes up a relatively large area of the bag, thus storing many energy drinks is better than relying on the analgesic.

  • Adrenalin syringe

This injector adds 100% of the activity when used, making it the largest effect among the rest, and the least prevalent in the map of course. Although it takes more space in the bag it is sometimes necessary to counteract the activity quickly, especially when engaging with enemies in the final parts of the battle.

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