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Friday, May 24, 2019

Update For PUBG 2019

  • The PUBG MOBILE website on Twitter has officially announced that it will stop the game of Peugeot for maintenance or to update the PUBG Mobile Game 0.122 April 2019, as Twitter officially announces that the game of Peggy Mobile will be suspended for maintenance on Tuesday Corresponding to 16 April 2019, starting at 12 pm, with the start of the early hours of the morning until 8 am.
  • PUBG has been very popular in the past few days, not only in the Arab world, but globally. PUBG has been downloaded by millions around the world. What is the game of Peggy? The game is known as the game of Peggy Mobile through the site of the stars of Egypt, and we provide a link to the official game site (pubgmobile), which includes many features that can be used, such as download the application of the game for Android phones or iOS.
  • PUBG :
  • The game-based company was officially announced by the official PUBG MOBILE account on the popular social networking site Twitter to stop the server or game servers from performing the update process as early as Monday morning, and the server stops for approximately eight hours , And to you our dear followers follow the Egyptian stars of the text of the tweet, which was officially published to clarify the above.
  • Back PUBG to activate again:
  • After completing the maintenance or update of the PUBG game, the same official account has been announced for completion of maintenance and server connection again for those wishing to access the new Peugeot 2019 game according to the latest update (version 0.11.0) included in the new additions. On the official tweet published through the following:
  • According to the announcement, the PPGG update of the current Peggy Mobile has added the feature of the zombie phase, which will play until sunrise, as well as characters imported from Resident Evil 2, while the special music will also be played on Raznant Eiffel 2, Add a moonlight effect to the map, create additional space for the player, add the night in the snow map, add a new zoon system, create a way to talk during the game, and add a new mixer weapon.
  • Features of the new PUBG Mobile Game Update:

  1. Zombie Survival Till Dawn. This situation is only for a limited time and will not last long. Zombies and Resident Evil 2 bosses are on the map and you have to fight them for resources and elements. You have to fight for survival. Life.
  2. Add the weather which is the moonlight to Vicendi.
  3. Add an epidemic treasure, and you'll get Resident Evil clothing 2.
  4. Add the anniversary event, a celebration of the anniversary of PUBG MOBILE along with all kinds of rare finishes.
  5. Add Resident Resident Evil 2 to the PNGG 2019 Game Update.
  6. Display anniversary items for sale with continued quantities.
  7. Your personal photo and contacts have become visible on your profile.
  8. Provide Sanhook in Quick Match.
  9. Add new addresses.
  10. Do some redesign of houses in Vicendi
  11. Double the ammunition.
  12. Keep results for only one month, and then erase old data.
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