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Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most popular games for many players, and is the development of the CD Projekt Red studio. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the strongest games to be nominated for the game in 2015, Today, May 19, on the new generation platforms PS4 & Xbox One and on the PC platform and today we will all go together to review the game and whether it is worth the experience or not.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • The story of the game first begins to tell us why Geralt wants to get Ciri back to the girl Geralt used to train and treat as his son. She loves him much more than her father, Emhyr var Emreis, the governor of Nilfgaard where all Governor Geralt has to find his daughter Ciri, who lost his way after attacking the army. The wild hunters of the city and the horses of Giralt that Sera Qam was killed by them when they stormed the city but managed to escape them and is now alone waiting for Geralt to come and save them - will Geralt succeed and will Ciri protect itself? Geralt taught Ciri all methods of fighting, leaving no soft bite to the monsters and the bandits, but Geralt was careful to teach her all the possible fighting methods to excel and to protect herself without the need of help from others and because Geralt will not be beside them all the time to protect it will start This part of the search for the granny Geralt first Yennefer and then you will be ordered by the King to look for Ciri It is worth mentioning that Yennefer beloved Giralt is already working for the king and was expensive to find Ciri but has been searching for years and did not succeed so will search for Giralt to meet the King's appeal for the Ciri, who grew up now and did not D little girl does recognize them when Geralt found this is what you know the events of the game because I will not be burned upon events more.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • After learning about the story of Witcher 3, we will now talk together about the best thing in the game. How will the game play in the game first start with the character of Giralt to search for your beloved Yennefer, and after finding it you will be charged with finding Ciri Ritchie is fraught with dangers from bandits, monsters and missions. Side, do you know that the age of the game extends for more than 200 hours of major missions and Janibiba game Let me remind you that monsters this time will not be easy to get them, you should use your skills proficiency and here comes the role of Geralt What is his combat skills And the other one of the silver there are some monsters need to be hit with the sword made of silver to affect them, if you use the other sword will not be able to kill easily and the most thing I like that part is also the ability of the Witcher to use the ability of sensation where once activated can see all the signs and how was Committing crimes and solving them unlike ordinary people who can not think of the Witcher group. Giralt also has a set of magical skills beside his sword and the number of those magical skills is 5 skills.
  • Magic Hararat for Geralt Character:
  • IGNI: This magical skill makes Girald fire from his hand and that magic skill has helped me a lot in eliminating my enemies easily.AXII: This magic skill makes Giralat freeze his opponent for a moment or a moment of time to distract you eliminate the enemies of your enemies, you have a strong opponent do not mind using it, you will freeze it for a few seconds, making it easy for you to take some severe blows to his swordAARD: This magical skill makes Giralt launch a strong shock against his opponent from the front.QUEN: This magical skill gives Girald a protective shield that protects him from the blows of enemies for a few seconds.YARDEN: This magical skill makes Geralt activate a trap on the ground with a circular circumference. Each one enters it, slows down its movement and defense, making it easier for Girald to kill him. Of course, each of these skills will be weak at the beginning so you will have to upgrade the game to a higher level and upgrade your skills. You can also add toxins to your weapons to affect your enemies when you injure them and make it easier for you to kill them. Have you ever forgotten that it is an RPG game, a game that punishes or plays roles and means a form of games that takes The players are fictional characters where the player controls the actions of the character either by recounting their actions or through real actions or through the system of decision-making and personal development and to see the types of games from here I wish there was a collaborative game CO-OP inside the game with more than A personal game that allows players to help each other with difficult game missions.
  • As you upgrade to a higher level within Witcher 3, you will be given one point by which you can raise your five magic skills or raise combat skills such as rapid attack skill, strong attack and many other combat and magic skills, And many other skills required for you in the main menu of the Geralt and when you kill the leaders of monsters you will also get items that give you more strength during the fighting and you can add those items in the list before you and note that there are a lot of locks on the list because of The low level of personal locks whenever you want to open new skills and Talitha you always upgrading your level.

  • Witcher 3 "Combat:
  • Combat is the system of fighting within the game as we have all told you that Giralt has one sword, one of pure steel and the other of silver used to kill monsters Silver silver is heavy when moving it to fight unlike the sword of the metal, which moves smoothly and easily, but this will be difficult only the first game because your personality is weak and you Go ahead to strengthen your fighting personality Silver sword will be used during your fight with the ghosts and spirits inside the game is always effective with them and affects a great impact on them unlike the sword metal, which will not have any noticeable impact on them but the favorite is the silver sword while fighting with animals and humans You will be able to move them easily and will have a great impact on your enemies but do not forget I have 5 magic skills to be used during fighting as a firefighting skill as well as skill Freezing the enemies, which are also used to calm your horse so as not to be surprised when the enemies approach you during your ride, then reached the degree of fear of the horse to the maximum will be scared and can not control him and will throw you on the ground and run away so AXII magical skill to calm your horse of fear and The activation of a magical trap on the ground with a circular circumference slows down the movement of your enemies when they are in the trap area and spell shield shield that protects you from strikes for a few seconds as well as the shock of the shock to release your enemies from you and do not forget to fight with the hands inside the game The Whitch 3 where you can fight your enemies with hands if they are not armed I would like to remind you that you can acquire weapons other than swords and make them the main fighting weapons for you as the axes and if you want to raise the level of your character easily you must fight the monsters in the streets of the road and the completion of missions quickly and during the completion of the missions you will find a lot of important elements and equipment, J of the equipment that Temtlkunha Bchksatkm.
  • Play more than one character with Witcher 3.\
  • Of course it was surprising for all of us to announce that in the third part of the Witcher series we can play more than one personality inside Do you know the switch between the three characters in the game GTA V where you can switch between them at any time each of their own tasks and there are some tasks that brings them all Of course we all loved this thing, which made us not ants of the game Each personality has its own habits and each character a special skill of his own This is not the case with the game Witcher 3 where you will first play with the character of Geralt and including the story of the story will allow you to play with the character of Ciri but will not You have a switch To play it whenever you want it has a specific role in the story will be played by I have loved playing with the character of Ciri because of the pleasure of its own ability when pressing the button Space moves too fast to make it escape from the enemies easily I was moving quickly as if Barry Allen of the series of lightning The Flash ?? Instead of Giralt, who is turning on the ground as if he were walking like a watermelon fruit ?? You can roll it on the ground and sometimes the enemies can easily beat me while I'm away from them so I loved Ciri's ability to move fast like lightning but the frustrating thing so far is that Yennefer's character will not be playable inside the game but she is Girald's lover and you help him find Ciri.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Game map Witcher 3.
  • The game map inside the game is too big you will not be able to finish the tour quickly. It is bigger than the map of the game GTA V Many of the main tasks in the game side by side The game will take you a very long number of hours to finish the game and estimated by 200 hours for the main tasks and the side and the picture in front of you Not a complete map of the game, but a small part of the total map of the game, but since the map is so large so how to move inside easily There are three ways to move within the game

  • Witcher 3:
  • Fast Travel: Open the map as you open the shape and go to the nearest green sign in the form of a sign and click on it and then press the letter E to move yourself to the nearest point for you to perform your task and to do this property go to any of the words in the world of the game and will move you to the nearest point to your goal .
  • Horse: The means of transport that I prefer and I personally love the game where anywhere in the world of the game can summon your horse with a whistle, it comes to you Marhula ready to ride and to take you to any place in the world of the game you are directing and also can jump over the barriers was riding horse in the real world completely will not forget that you To increase the speed of the horse always if you press Shift, you have all the freedom to control the speed of the horse and more I liked the horse that has a limited amount of fear is activated automatically if approached by any enemy trying to kill you if you do not pacify your horse AXII mosquito will be scared and can not control it Subtract As you are on the ground being far away and do not forget that you can fight your enemies from the back of the horse it is certainly something very wonderful and dazzling that the fighting system is developed from the horseback.
  • Boats: Finally, boats can navigate across the sea in the world of the game by small boats, you will find many of them always be on the beach, all you have to do and lead to your next point, which may be in another city.
  •  We can not forget the world of the game, full of trees of all kinds, long and short, like a real forest and the sight of herbs and grass wonderful game and wicker in the deep water and a lot of wonderful things in the world of the game Witcher 3.
  • Talk now to reduce the level of graphics Witcher 3 game than in the year 2013, where every site I see this address but I do not tire myself with his own because I do not care about the quality of the game graphics game style of the game I like very much so I do not care whether the game was reduced or not game I work perfectly well on top of the Ultra graphics with the GTX 970, which is great for me to enjoy the HairWorks technology developed by NVIDIA for all game developers to use in their game development process that allows them to produce more vivid and realistic movement of hair and characters in games. This is a real-life hair movement such as hair blowing when the wind blows and the hair moves when the vibration of the character and much that NVIDIA has added to this wonderful technology. The development studio CD Projekt Red used the technique in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as a more realistic addition to Geralt and the rest of the characters Inside the game was also added thick coats of fur and also have been added to the dynamic fur of many monsters inside the game to interact with them when moving or when the collision of the wind in a more realistic animal hair real life Did you also know that the wolves inside the game has H The hair of the Griffin first game and I hung his head on the saddle of the horse and as the horse moves forward whenever the head of the monster shrouded in thick hair Which was flying when the air collided with it certainly was one of the coolest things that made me adore the quality of the game graphics.
  • I can not forget that Girald's beard grows over time in the game as well as the vibration of Girald's hair when walking or jerky it reacts with his movement as real life.
  • And I would like to remind everyone who loves the game for her drawings will sooner or later disappear and will be forgotten and those who like the game to the quality of the style of play will never forget it and the game will remain memorable and will live with him for a long time always plays and does not neglect them as players who love the games only for their powerful drawings.
  • Witcher 3.
  • One of the most exciting things that made me excited in the game is the audacity of the game, which is more enthusiastic and wonderful. When you start fighting, you play an exciting music that raises your spirit during the fighting, which is a reason for you to continue to complete the stage or game or fight to listen to the music again. The game is like the sound of different animals and hear the sound of your horse already.
  •  Conclusion .
  • I can not describe the contents of the game from the style of play was developed inside the game masterfully and wonderful graphics beside the audiobooks game, which was a lot of enthusiasm during the fighting is certainly a unique masterpiece deserves all these high ratings in all review sites games and the game really deserves to be one of the best games 2015, and I would like to be nominated for the best RPG game in an open world that was released in 2015, are you still trying it? What are you waiting for? Get it now and try it yourself.
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