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Friday, May 31, 2019


  • IGN managed to watch the game play in the highly anticipated sequel of Rio Hazuki, and we sat with the person in charge of the Shenmue Yu Suzuki series and chatted about the game. "Can you open the Guhairr and the reservoirs as in the old games?" I asked Suzuki, the man in charge of the Shenmue series. "Of course, it's Shenmue after all," he replied. "Every time I bring the console to the game, I feel as if it's a dream come true," said Cedric Biscay, co-producer of the game. He was originally a fan of the Shenmue series himself, but as chief executive of Shibuya Productions, he played a key role in helping Suzuki's YsNet fund the development of the game, long before the collective funding campaign that Suzuki raised over $ 7 million.

  • Of course, Biscay wants to promote his game, so his comments should not be taken literally. But when I finally saw the game, I knew exactly what he meant by his words. After the third part 18 years after the final part, Shenmue is still a game not for everyone. But for the old series fans, it certainly looks like a "dream come true." Video games have evolved a lot since Shenmue II was released in 2001, especially in the field of open world games that Shenmue helped establish. However, there are not many other games that allow the player to do very detailed things such as taking out a random comb from the Jarour. Shenmue hero Rio Hazuki often has something to say about these little things he examines, with a dialogue that is also represented by voice. Modern adventure games such as Heavy Rain, Life is Strange, or adventure games such as Gone Home have achieved an exploration-like depth, but Shenmue does it in an open world environment. Most players may prefer to swing with nets over busy cities or shoot successive waves of soldiers. But if opening a refrigerator or investigating an citrus fruit while pursuing a mysterious man kills your father, it seems more exciting to you. You must be looking for Shenmue III. The original Shenmue and Shenmue II contained hundreds of unique, non-playable characters roaming through their locations. If Rio approached them, each character would interact with a full voice representation. From the pizzeria to the local dentist, Rio could enter every shop or facility in these two games, filled with shop shelves with things to explore and shopkeepers who each had something to say every time they came. Suzuki wants Shenmue III to provide the same detailed and rich exploration environment, but how can you do this with only a fraction of the budget used to make the previous two parts?
  • After sitting with Suzuki and watching about 20 minutes of playing, it was clear to me that this was not the easy task at all. Suzuki seems to be able to do this anyway, but only because he was not afraid to make sacrifices. Shenmue III's environments and play systems do not look as deep and sophisticated as they were in the first two parts. He still has full voice representation and Rio has many characters to talk to, but he can no longer interact with any unplayable character he encounters in Bailu and Niaowu, the two villages in the Chinese countryside where his adventure at Shenmue III begins. The system of battles and part-time jobs does not seem as vital as before, and most of the game's music has been re-used from the first two games, with many of the musical instruments that were not used in the original two games. In terms of graphics, the game is certainly not AAA either. But all this shows how Suzuki followed a realistic approach to the development of Shenmue III, where he carefully analyzed what his team can achieve. To produce their own game may not look Shenmue version of a lower level or simpler, but a game focused on the core of the real chain.
  • Freedom and daily life:
  • Suzuki said to me that he sees the freedom of the player and everyday life as the most important features of Shenmue, and that everything presented and explained to me about the game can be linked to these two main themes. He said to me, "I did not do thorough research, so maybe I should not say next, "When we brought the text to the translation agency, they were amazed at how big it was." Anyone who played the first two games knew how much dialogue they had, but Suzuki thought it would be even more so this time. This makes the fact that Rio will no longer be able to interact with every person he sees as positive rather than worrying. Giving up the ability to interact with characters that will do nothing more than guide you towards your next destination anyway, will give Shenmue III the ability to add extra depth to the characters that really matter. "" The world of the game has grown a lot, "Now Bailu and Niaowu are about the same size as Hong Kong in Shenmue II. We originally planned to have about 50 residents in these two towns, but now Shenmue III contains about 400 or 500 non-playable characters." Shenmue III Are fully exploreable, ranging from shops and jars to characters who speak with you as a voice actor For. By maintaining these essential features in the game, the third part will undoubtedly look like the continuation of the Shenmue experience.

  • The ability to zoom the image from anything and see the world through Rio's eyes allows the player to indulge more in the exploration experience. Similar to the previous two parts, the player can switch to the first person's perspective at any time. In Shenmue III you can also walk around while pressing the camera zoom button by pressing the left analog button. You can also adjust the camera distance from Rio in a similar way to camera options In Red Dead Redemption 2. For the first time in the series, you can also move the camera 360 degrees with the right analog stick, so you will not only look at the back of Rio. The third part also shows the return of two other parts known as the Shenmue series, namely the actual flow of time and weather effects. Parallels one day in the game almost an hour, and Rio needs to sleep through the night. When he wakes up, the calendar changes within the game to the next day. This may seem obvious, but although the passage of time in open world games is common these days, few games add realistic sleep calendars and sleep routines. Shenmue is also one of the first games to add real-time weather effects. This has been implemented in Shenmue III and made it fashionable. "If it rains in the morning, there is a possibility that you will see pools still in the ground in the evening," said Suzuki co-owner Cedric Bikai. Also mountainous. "
  • The whole new feature of the series is the ability to change Rio's clothes. Through going to the list, the player has full freedom to choose shoes, jeans and a Rio shirt any time he wants. However, the two other main characters joining Rio in his adventure would not have the same options, but Suzuki said he was looking into adding additional costumes to the game. After launching as additional content. "This is why we have made it easier to make a more feminine design in making an attractive figure," Suzuki said. But while its appearance has changed, the character of Shinuha and the way it interacts with Rio has remained faithful to Suzuki's original vision. As you can see in the latest promotion, which was released at the International Anime Game conferences in Monaco, Shenmue III certainly does not offer AAA Trendy. Given the fact that it started out as a project across Kickstarter, that's no surprise. But for the older players, who remember Shenmue as the most expensive and best-looking game of its time, it might be easy to forget. But that does not mean Shenmue III's graphics are bad at all. Although the characters and their movement may not meet modern standards, the game is characterized by beautiful environments in the Chinese countryside. It should also be noted that many of the characters we saw in the show may not be key characters in the game. Even in the biggest modern games today, there is a difference in detail between the main characters and random characters that are not playable. But what makes Shenmue distinctive is that each character possesses enough character and importance for the story to be included in the propaganda. So, although they may not have the best graphics of our time, I hope to fall in love with their characters and characters as I have betrayed the former martial arts expert Yamaguchi-san and the port worker Eccentric Dylan in the previous two games. The main characters like Rio, Much better than other characters. There is a noticeable improvement in the details of these characters' models, from the skin of Shenhua to the Rio jacket. Many fans complained that the main character did not look like the Rio they knew, and while it could still be said to some extent about the new show, Rio seemed better in the style shots I saw.SHENMUE IIIt
  • Link everything together:
  • In addition to the player's freedom and everyday life, Suzuki talks about a third feature that he believes is essential to the Shenmue experience: connectivity. "We've done a lot in the original two games, but one of the things I want to do better this time is to connect the various features together," he said. "In Shenmue III, Rio can cut the wood as part of a part-time job. Using the money he has earned in the sweat of the forehead, he can play mini-games that move moves to use in battle. When he earns more money, he is able to rent a fishing hook, so he can go fishing for fish and sell what he catches in the local fish market. Of course, this will also allow him to communicate with the fishermen in the village, and thus connect the game systems with the story as well. The betting halls also return, but while they were only there to make quick money in the previous two parts, The popular mini-betting game Lucky Hit, but the game also introduces new mini-games such as throwing a stone in a bucket. When Suzuki went to look for a site for Virtua Fighter and Shenmue during the 1990s, he saw people playing this game in Mingkhan. Yes, even miniature games are a realistic depiction of Chinese culture. But on the other hand, Shenmue III also contains turtle races and exotic frogs. The player chooses a turtle or a frog to bet on, and then he can cheers by repeatedly pressing the button on the screen. "I wanted to add a snail, but unfortunately I could not do it this time," Suzuki said.
  • I did not understand what could be special about the snail race, why would anyone want to see races that contain slower creatures than the turtle even? "The snail is very slow as you know, I thought it might be interesting to combine this and the flow of time in Shenmue." Rio will have to put his bet in the morning, but he has to go back later in the afternoon to see the results. " The final game, however, shows how Suzuki is still thinking differently from any other developer. That's why the co-producer Biscay sees that Suzuki is the strongest weapon in Shenmue III, and my knowledge about the snail race made me remember once again the uniqueness of Suzuki. But while the dolls were just collectibles and have no real function in the previous two games, they are now connected to other systems as well. Like Shenmue II, Rio can take toys to foreclosure stores, but instead of getting money in return, he can exchange them for important items. The sale of capsule dolls was not an effective way of making money, making the many different mortgage stores distributed throughout Hong Kong at Shenmue II seem like a missed opportunity. But if I can swap my precious toys with items that can not be found elsewhere, I'm sure I'll be a regular customer. By the way, when you watch Rio bend and run the machine arm in full motion, the old fans will have to be instantly nostalgic. The firewood, fishing, mini-gamble and capsule are all here. But Suzuki agrees that these systems are not unique: "There are much better fishing games even on smartphones." But Shenmue's style of play has always been his own. Driving a forklift to the same warehouse in Yokosuka time after time quickly turns into a boring repetition. Usually a normal game developer does not force his players to do such repetitive tasks, but Suzuki has the courage to make us feel as if we are real workers at the port. When Rio received the task of calming his mind by helping the temple, we had to do it too. The fact that Shenmue dare to be deliberately boring makes it an experience of reincarnation of roles that are not like anything else. I have been confirmed by Rio watching as he cuts the sweaty wood in the village of Bailu in Shenmue III that that immersed experience still exists.
  • The same applies to the new battle system. As the show shows, Rio will be able to train at the Dojo by hitting wooden dolls and performing a horse stance in Kung Fu. What I saw in the gameplay looks very straightforward and may quickly make us feel repetitive, but again, the martial arts exercises revolve around repetition. I can not wait to see how these mini-games will depict Rio's journey as a martial art professional. Rio in the dojos can also engage in skirmishes with other students and raise his strength and endurance by doing so. When challenging students to fight, they can raise their rank in the dojo, and you will be able to see a board bearing the names of all the students along with their order. Rio's name will not be there at first, but when you challenge students to fight, you'll see his name appear in a higher order each time, giving a sense of Rio's community. After a game, Rio needs rest if he wants to win the next game, Fighting consumes endurance and needs to eat to be able to regain its energy. Unfortunately, Rio's food is not moving. Food is consumed from your stock in a Yakuza-like style rather than developing the consumption of soft drinks from the vending machine in the previous two games. Eating food is a link between the systems, and since Rio can not run for a while if you do not feed it for a very long time, it also gives you a real boost to visiting all the restaurants and street food stalls you are expected to find "In terms of the battle system, training on your movements is becoming much more important, because it increases its level of strength considerably, for example, you will be able to race in a ringed arena with your opponent outside the ring if you arrive Your move to a certain level. "While the battle system in Shenmue is still built on the Real-time fighting in essence, but the elements of Azerbaijan seem more important here than the previous two parts. Moreover, by making it possible to execute movements without the need to save orders, Suzuki makes the battle system easier for new players.
  • "In terms of the PlayStation controller, you can move between 5 movements that are automatically set up using the R1 button, and when R2 is used, the movement you choose will be executed," Suzuki explained. . For the first time in the series, Shenmue III offers an opportunity to choose between 4 difficulty levels. People who want to focus on the story can only choose the easiest difficulty, but Suzuki says it is not even advisable for seasoned players to start from the highest level of difficulty, whose Japanese name can be translated as "Do not even try!" Suzuki told me that battles and other aspects of the game were affected by the level of difficulty you choose, but he did not go into detail. "We do not use assets from the previous two or the Virtua Fighter series, so all combat animation has been created from scratch. This requires a lot of work, so we had to abandon the addition of the throwing movements this time. "Based on this information, Shenmue III's battle system may be deep in the previous two parts, but with the implementation of the training as a complete system, Martial arts in a more convincing way.
  • Unmatched reunion
  • When it comes to player freedom, almost all Open World games in 2019 have more than Shenmue offers. But I have yet to find a game that simulates everyday life as convincingly as it does. But one thing that has worried many fans is that supernatural elements change that sense of realism in Shenmue III. The end of Shenmue II contained supernatural events, and similar elements can be seen in an original Shenmue advertisement. So Rio is in a show of Shenmue Online that did not release what looked like Hadouken. I asked Suzuki about this, but he gave me a much simpler answer than I expected. "There are no supernatural elements in Shenmue III." His answer gave me great satisfaction, as I was deeply concerned about this for 18 years and finally knew the answer. It was the supernatural elements at the end of Shenmue II exception, Suzuki told me that he did not intend to make it a new base. So Shenmue III will remain the life experience that fans like. The most important thing for me among all else is that I will finally be able to continue my conversation with Shenhua. At Shenmue II I walked with her on a mountain road for hours and we had deep conversations. I was only 15, and it was the first time I had ever fallen in love with someone. "For me, Shenmue is about depth and poetry, something we are missing more and more in the current huge productions." Given that Shenmue III took a long time to develop, reunion with Shenhua would seem more poetic Of the original game. "I've guaranteed a system of proximity and convergence in Shenmue III, so when you communicate with Shenhua, there will be little changes in the way you treat them," Suzuki said. Many of the scenes and events I trust all players have seen before, but do not think much, just talk to him. "Players can reunite Rio and Shenhua at Shenmue III on PS4 and PC on August 27. To see the story from its beginnings, the two versions of Shenmue I & II can be obtained in 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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