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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tips & Secrets Fortnite
Tips & Secrets Fortnite

Are you having trouble learning Fort Knight? Not yet familiar with these tips
  • Recently, a new style of play called Battle Royale was popularized, and this style spread among games like wildfire, and game manufacturers went on to get their share of this desired cake. Fort Knight had the lion's share of this style. Even if you are not a fan of the games, at least you will find many flyers on Facebook for the players show their victory, or share footage of the battles you may not understand anything to the intensity of the speed of construction and transition, and of course will stimulate you to try this game, Of this article because it is better than tuberculosis Absolutely, let's start with this legendary game.
  • Look at the imminent danger
  • At first sight, because the victory of the game is achieved by remaining alone standing after the death of all enemies, it may come to your mind that the best plan is to avoid fighting and stay away from problems so that each other kill each other to show you in the end, in fact this plan is a failure for beginners, The best plan for you at the beginning of the game is to go with your feet to fight, improve your performance with weapons, lose again and again until you develop your shooting skills so that you can Fight the professionals in the end rather than being rude So wait for the source of the shot instead of escaping in the other direction, and do not hide while you can fight.
  • Be yourself a doctor
  • As a beginner, it is essential that you understand the shield and health system in the game. When you start, you will be full of health and without any shield. You will find many drugs and shields in your body. When you get the shield, you will receive damage instead of your health meter, but it will not protect you. From the damage of the storm or falling from the high places, and talking about drugs and armor on the ground, you may mix things a little at first, these things in the image will raise your health and shield during the game, but does not work the same principle work in the game Half Life , But after you pick them up you must use them It takes time, so it's best to be in an open place or in the midst of a battle.
  • The right weapon in the right position
  • There are many and many weapons in the Fortnight game and it is very useful to learn to choose before starting to play, there is a chromatic system that makes it easy to distinguish the strength of the weapon, you will see that the weapons radiate colors indicate the strength of the weakest to the strongest rank, Then the purple and gold tops the list, remember this arrangement and put it in your memory while playing. The most important trick of gathering the most powerful weapons is to collect weapons that serve all positions. Your position will be very strong if you have weapons for short distances, long distances, and explosives, and when you kill a soldier you will have a high chance of replacing one of your weapons with a better weapon.
  • Fort Knight is not a place for anarchists
  • Some may ignore this advice, but you will not believe its importance. It helps you win a second or two. It seems short, but it can be the limit between death and play. This advice is to arrange your weapon boxes. Look at the boxes of weapons to find the right weapon for this position, and you will not have to pull out an unsuitable weapon, which causes your loss. It is best to put short range weapons first because most of the surprises are near-term, then you can put long-range weapons and finally put your aid Initial, because you certainly will not need Suddenly. This arrangement will save your life in many situations so do not neglect it and usually make it for you.
  • The arms race starts from the moment of jumping
  • In Fort Knight, the game begins with a plane that gives you the freedom to jump in the place you see fit, and often the players choose the perfect place to land. In fact, the place you land in does not matter as much as speed, Because your first access to the land means a greater chance of getting good weapons before the arrival of others, and even more chance to get easy prey without any weapon, to achieve the high landing speed you have to choose low points in the map such as roads, plains and rivers, , Because low points will be delayed from The opening of the parachute is the main reason for the slow landing, so I put the others in the arms and punish them for delaying the end of their game early.
  • The best defense is construction
  • The ability to build is the distinguishing mark of Fort Knight, which distinguishes it from the other games of the Patel Royal. I do not mean here to build castles and forts, but to build walls and slanting surfaces during the fighting, but before talking about positive points of construction during battles, How to get the raw materials to complete this, and the answer is simple, at the beginning of the game you will be supplied with a huge equivalent, used to break things to collect raw materials, eg smash the trees to collect wood, stone walls to collect stones, and broken cars scattered throughout the map for iron, Be sure to keep these raw materials sufficient to ensure you survive. Some may wonder what the idea is to build while my enemies fire me? The answer is self-evident. These walls will be a shield to repel shots and will play a crucial role in ending your enemy's ammunition. They will not only benefit the defense but will give you a preference over your opponent if you are quick enough to form a slightly elevated structure to give you the advantage over your opponent. You will need to be hospitalized, and here it is best to surround yourself with the walls before you start, so that it will not be easy prey for those who were waiting for your battle.
  • The constant hand of the most important secrets of Fort Knight
  • During the clashes and shootings in this game, the constant movement will cause a little inaccuracy correction, which is a mistake of beginners, because the idea of ​​movement during the firing may feel you will become a more difficult goal, but a misconception, because this movement will reduce the accuracy of correction, I do not say that you have to stand firmly in open ground. I mean, it is better when someone is watching you take the position of the shooter and stop the movement and hit him to kill him, but if you are in alliance with one of them The land is completely exposed, it is OK to build as CRNA advice in the past, and then use this building to look down your head and you Jath on your knees and shot steadily and will end the battle Bnasrk.
  • The professional hunter predicts the movement of his prey
  • This is a little professional advice, but it is simple and easy to learn. It is known that the safe area of ​​the destructive storm is gradually shrinking to bring the players closer together. That is why it is good to use this feature to your advantage. It will help you predict the movement of enemies and give you a greater understanding of the reality of fighting and places. In the map and quiet places, for example, take the map in the picture as an example, where the safe area appears at the bottom of the map means that the entire upper part will be exposed to the dangers of the storm, and you only put yourself in the position of those in the dangerous area, the first six The danger is that the area marked by the yellow line and the safe area will see waves of fugitives from the bottom, and thus a dangerous area will be hidden or present, while the red zone will be relatively calm if you do not want to clash with others. Things are very important to avoid unexpected battles, which are usually the main cause of the loss of beginners, so keep in mind the need to check the map from time to time and find places to suit your level of play, as mentioned in the first advice, fighting is the way Best to learn, and escape will not improve your skills never.
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