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Friday, May 31, 2019

  • Metro series has always been known for the scary and suspicious public atmosphere you feel during your game experience, from the narrow corridors of metro stations, tunnels to darkness, the sounds of scary mutants, and finally to plots that lead to human wars even in the darkest circumstances. Metro Exodus is a somewhat different direction. In this part, the hero of the game, Artyum, is seeking his dream and has not given up. He is absolutely certain that there is life on earth again and he is bored to hide in metro tunnels like mice after the disaster that struck Moscow, capital of Russia. Destroying it with a nuclear bomb destroyed everything The hero of the last two parts - still silent as usual - is trying to pick up any radio signals that indicate life on the planet, but he is always reproached by Spartans commander and his wife's father, Miller , Who always tells him that he will destroy them if he continues to go to the surface of the earth and look for a way of life in them, but Anna did not lose hope and supported Artem her husband in everything he does and she always defended him in front of her father, but one day The situation is changing and they are actually discovering other people living on the surface To land? But are they still keeping their Adam or changed as everything around them has changed ?!

  • Metro Exodus has tried to keep what really distinguishes this series, giving you the feeling that you are trying to survive in any way possible, but instead of the dark tunnels you are trying to escape from the desert of Caspian for example or abandoned villages and other areas that are moving in the game in your attempt to search for any A picture of life on Earth, where the Spartans travel on a train that they called Aurora in an attempt to communicate with the Russian government - if any - on a journey that lasted with me more than 40 hours and I will not deny my enjoyment of the story to the maximum extent, and in fact I will not try to mention More about them throughout the review so I do not burn any Events on you, but the best in the game is the story and how the integration of the characters to each other, and also the different personalities that will encounter throughout your journey, both of them good or evil, all these characters have been designed excellently too.
Stay in a scary world
metro exodus
metro exodus

  • As you talked at the top, the game is focused on survival. You should think more than once before using your weapon and wasting bullets, and think carefully about whether you should deal with a certain animal or a particular tribe or deal with aggressively and kill all of you, Each of these decisions will change a bit in the course of events and how to finish the tasks, but in fact what I missed in this section are narrow subway tunnels and dark darkness, despite the enjoyment of the picturesque and picturesque level of the game, but I lacked the sense of fear that I was I feel it in the parts Except for the last two hours of the game. The main areas of the game vary, where there are 5 main areas where you will be assigned. The game encourages you to explore. Believe me, I advise you so you can be ready for any enemy you encounter with lack of resources. This is an excellent addition to the game, since although the missions in the morning may be safer for you than the monsters, but you will be very visible to the enemies, but at night you can infiltrate better among the enemies, but beware of the various monsters that may meet you .
  • You have to think more than once before using your weapon and waste bullets One of the other things that were famous for the series but has seen a remarkable development in this part is the manufacture and development of weapons, as the game gives you the freedom to fully modify your weapons to suit your style of play, By turning a standard Revolver revolver into a weapon similar to SMG? You can also develop the Tikhar weapon, which is the secondary weapon that will accompany you throughout your journey, which Tokarev will develop by continuing throughout your journey. You must also take care of your weapon and keep it clean, somewhat like the game Red Dead Redemption 2 where you have to clean it You can also add extra boxes in your suit to carry more first aid, ammunition, or additional bombs, but you can not do all of this together. It varies depending on how you play, Are you launching a Many shots on your enemies to kill them? Or prefer to use knives and bombs to pass them, check you.
  • Where is artificial intelligence ?!
  • But what about enemies? Do they deserve it? In fact, artificial intelligence in this game is simply the worst artificial intelligence I have ever seen in any game in the last 3 years, which is killing the fun of playing for me and completing the game just to enjoy the story and cartoons like playing a Telltale Games, It's very smart when it comes to hiding, but just discovering your place starts with chaos, they make strange moves and shoot in more strange places. Sometimes they stop and do not shoot at you waiting for you to fire their mercy bullet. Metro Exodus was able to It's easy to run for this year's game, but in this way it has become a mediocre game. What is the point of giving me this unique style of play with enemies that are so weak at the highest levels of difficulty? I really hope that this problem will be resolved in one way or another. The current situation is tragic.

metro exodus

  • I can not ignore the long loading screens. In some areas, the download screen in the game is up to 2 minutes and 51 seconds longer than any game I've ever seen - during my experience of the Xbox One game - and sometimes the game stops I had to close it and turn it on again. It happened almost 10 times, and as with the past parts, the facial expressions, the style of the characters and the characters are not appropriate to the same level of dazzling graphics in the game, and sometimes I was bored to listen to their long dialogues Because of facial expressions Bad.
  • Conclusion
  • Metro Exodus tried to move the game to a completely different level than the previous parts, with a larger world and a different story focusing on personal relationships and the relationship of characters to each other, giving the player greater freedom to explore and modify his weapons and equipment as he wishes, The artificial intelligence, which will kill the fun of the game literally, and will make you complete your journey in the game to enjoy its story and the quality of the cartoons, but after a judicial 40 hours in the game, I certainly advise you if you are interested in the story only more than anything else, but It was this Change in the series for better or worse? I think the answer will vary from person to person, but for me I welcome any change in the chain as long as it preserves what distinguishes the chain in the first place.
metro exodus

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