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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Grand Theft Auto V Details
Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V 

  • Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most open games in the world, which has been waiting for a big period of almost two years to be finally released on the PC platform on April 14 and the size of 59 GB, where now enjoy a lot of players experience the strongest games in 2015, which they waited for nearly two years after the The launch of the game in 2013 in September for the old generation platforms PS3 & Xbox 360 and then we resolved in 2014 to be announced finally at the E3 Fajra Egypt time and I will never forget this day, which was cut off and I watch the E3 games to be early on the news of the coming game GTA V for the new generation platforms PS4 & Xbox One and the PC platform by the end Or 2014 where we will share with you today the detailed review of GTA V.

  • The story of GTA V is centered around three main characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin, who are intertwined with their stories through the missions they perform together in Los Santos. Inside the game, each character develops a special story The story of Michael & Trevor was startled with the beginning of the game where three characters were trying to steal one of the banks, including Michael and Trevor after they managed to steal the bank and fled together in a car was waiting outside and inside the driver was killed by police during the chase to That they fled But there was an unknown person waiting for them to catch their third friend and Michael was also hit by a live bullet, causing Trevor to scream because he saw his best friend in his last moments and intended to try to kill the sniper but Trevor prevented him from this and told him to run away with your life. We are dead. Trevor can not escape. The police have attacked them and a clash between Trevor and the police has taken place. Trevor takes one of the city's residents as a hostage to him. He is an old woman who fled and was released. Trevor could not take his share of the stolen money. M Injury and faked his death and is now living with his family witness protection program and disappeared Trevor place far outside the city (Los Santos) barren desert where no planting, no water, and this was the story of my personality Michael Trevor beginning of the game events.
  • The story of Michael and Franklin and how they met each other is as follows:
  • Franklin Man works for one of the Republican car dealers where he was doing difficult tasks such as the elimination of gangs threaten his shop or retrieve some of his own cars, where the boss ordered him to go to Michael's house to retrieve the car that Michael's son bought it but did not pay the rest of the fees went Franklin stormed the house of Michael to take the car and drive to the store again to find a man in the back seat, Michael was shot behind his head a pistol and threatened not to stop the car and was waiting for him to break into the front of the boss, Franklin did what Michael asked him and broke into the front of the shop and went out Michael gave the owner of the car shop a lesson he would not forget to keep track of or follow his son again. The result was that Franklin lost his only job, making him go to Michael for work. To find Michael angry because he found that his wife betrayed him with her tennis coach Michael said to Franklin I came to your time and Eric with me to eliminate this coach and followed him to his home and dropped the house upside down to be surprised that this house is not the owner of the coach but was the property of one of the leaders of the Mafia, Alive Michael and eliminate his family that did not pay house costs, estimated at five million dollars, making Michael returns to its former status and carry out a robbery or what we call the old Franklin Heist and the help of his friend to try to repay the value of the home who drop it.
  • Will Trevor return to Los Santos again?
  • Trevor was watching television and found news of an armed robbery of one of the large jewelry shops. One of the guards was talking about the people who saw them on the run. Michael saw this guard. Trevor knew that the man who was talking about him was Michael. He is sure to have a decent life now and Trevor has gone to Los Santos again, a madman who does whatever he likes in his own way. Trevor returns to Los Santos again, and the two friends meet again.
    • Play style of GTA V game
    • First the characters.
    • The game's style of play is one of the things that were created inside the game because you do not play with one character only, but three characters each, including its own tasks, which can be linked to the missions of other characters and play the three characters at the same time, which can switch between them one mission certainly This is great but when you start playing the game you will not be able to play the three characters directly or switch between them because you have not opened them yet.
    • The poor young man in the mid-twenties who lives in the old neighborhoods of Los Santos with his mother, works at a car show and carries out some of the tasks for the exhibition owner, most of which are illegal, such as the return of exhibition cars bought by people from the gallery owner and not paying all the remaining money But he does it all because he wants to get more money
    •  And his son is addicted to drugs and playing video games. His daughter is fond of being a famous artist star, but hanging around with dangerous characters, but his wife has something to betray with her coaches as a tennis coach. And yoga
    • Trevor, the former military pilot, is Michael's former partner, who lives alone in a desert trailer outside the city of Los Santos. Trevor's actions are often reckless and insane, all of which make him a drug addict and often deal with drug dealers and outlaws.
    • Each of these three characters has their own skill, which alone distinguishes them from other personalities.
    • The special skill of the Trevor character can for a time withstand the blows of bullets and stand in front of a barrage of them and when the activation of the return of the health bar decreases naturally and Trevor is also one of the most famous characters led by pilots
    • Michael's skill can slow the time for a period of time that makes him take precedence over his former presence. This feature slows the time, but the move is also slow, but it gives you the advantage of hitting a certain goal or in a race. Michael is also one of the most famous snipers.
    • Franklin's special skill makes him able to control the car in an unprecedented manner while driving, which helps him, for example, to catch one of the gang cars while stalking or escaping through the police. Franklin is the most skilled person in the car and otherwise every character can develop their own physical skills such as developing jogging or shooting skills Flying, driving or swimming, and other skills that you can develop while playing the game
    • Second driving the GTA V
    • It comes within the style of play wonderful game driving in the game is something that made me dazzle the mechanism of the work of the engine of the game you control the leadership of cars or motorcycles as if you simulate the real world completely and I liked the sense of weight and the rush of the car can control the car well while driving on the road is not Like the rest of the other games you might drive, you automatically find it out of control when you control it right or left. This is a major reason that games that would like to do a similar experience to the Open World Grand Thef series It is wonderful inside the game to find a lot of types of cars inside the game through large trucks and racing cars and motorcycles and beside the driving is the destruction of cars is something more realistic than all the previous parts when the car collides with another causing many fissures around the collision zone and also when shooting towards cars hurt The affected area only
    • Third World Open Map with GTA V.
    • The map of the game is the largest map of an open-world game in history. So far nothing is more wonderful to roam in this big open world, which of course will make it difficult to get to its end quickly and wonderfully. This is to fly over Los Santos and discover all the places you have not seen before, through the beautiful nature of the game world and watching the animals on the sides of the road like deer eating grass and running behind them with the flag there are about 20 different animals You can do another great experience like underwater diving, seeing sharks, coral reefs and all kinds of fish.
    • Fourth Game GTA V.
    • One of the most wonderful things that enjoyed the game is the mechanism of the diversity of missions among the three personalities Each character has his own tasks and develop a story of his own and also the missions of the three personalities combine between each other so you switch between the three characters until you contain the situation you are in.
    • Fifthly Vehicles with GTA V.
    • Unlike all the previous parts, many types of vehicles have been added to the game, such as helicopters, jet fighters, large passenger planes, classic planes, celebrity planes, a lot of tanks, lots of cars, racing cars, large trucks and small passenger cars. Four wheel drive and a lot of wonderful car types in the game as well as have been added to many types of motorcycles such as motorcycles, motorcycles for the sandy areas as well as bicycles D G quartet and also bikes Alklasekh and regular and a lot next to the presence of regular bikes "wheel" and many types of ships that you can water and sea bikes and drive its leadership submarines and naval vehicles and much more.
    • Sixth police game GTA V.
    • Of course, if we talk about one of the Grand Theft Auto series we can not forget the most important element of the success of this series, "Police", the basic idea to form the chain mainly the first part of the series was an error or a game game to make personal fighting with the police and chasing him and suggested to the company to make the police an essential element of this The series is to make the police as the deterrent weapon of all your actions with the game, but was the development or increase of police skills in this part? Unlike all the previous parts of this legendary series, the police in this part will not be complacent with you. If you commit a small crime such as fighting and stealing cars in public and contrary to the police will search for you all the places around the search through the radar of the car if it occurred in the area of ​​the car crash will occur Malaihm Akhabh police will chase you to hide from them And be careful to lead the increase of the police force during the performance of your tasks you have to mislead them to resume your task again and the more stars the more cars and aircraft chasing you.
    • Seventh perspective of game GTA V.
    • GTA V was developed first from the perspective of the third person and was released to the platforms of the old generation in this perspective and when the game was announced for the platforms of the new generation & PC platform was announced that will add the first person perspective of the game, which increased the enthusiasm of many to experience the new perspective of the game on the platforms of the new generation And the PC platform, of course, this is the first time to speak in the Grand Theft Auto series. We all see that most parts of the series from the third perspective, unlike the early parts of the series, were from the top perspective. Of course this increased the enthusiasm of many to experience the new perspective of the game and you can switch between the perspective of the person The first and third-person perspective, whatever you please.
    • Eighth Weapons with Game GTA V.
    • You can carry more than 12 different weapons with you and will never lose them even if you were arrested and you can also throw weapons or bullets to your friends and you can develop all your weapons such as development of the sniper weapon to include a thermocouple that kills enemies on a large distance and also add a flash light when you use the weapon at night And many other updates on your weapon, as well as the ability to change the color of the weapon to the other available, but of course all this requires a lot of money at the beginning.
    • Ninth mobile with GTA V.
    • "IFruit" through this mobile you can receive all your tasks and calls your main characters to give you the tasks of the world of the game to be aligned and the more you accomplish the task of adding the personal that you have to your list of callers on the phone and you can chat at any time to get sub-missions to win some good money and through it You can also take photos and upload them on social networking sites as well as mobile access to some of the sites available to him and also there is especially to call your car in the stage of group play.

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