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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Days Gone
Days Gone
  • Well, we do not know much about the story of the game, nor about the main goal of its heroes. What we know is that the events of the game take place only two years after the collapse of humanity as a result of the outbreak of an epidemic around the world that led to the transformation of millions of people into wild savage creatures referred to in The game is named "Freakers".
  • The story focuses on Deacon, a young man who lives an unstable life and moves from place to place, who works for money after the disaster in the world, a somewhat violent print, perhaps because he was a former member of a motorcycle gang ), Which helped him adapt to the new and ruthless world order.
  • Our hero "Deacon" had a life that he was quite happy with one day, and a loved one who hates and hates him, but all this disappeared after the disaster and we do not know where, who survived the transformation of "Freaker" did not necessarily escape from the savage wildlife in which people kill some Some for life.
  • General information about the game:
  • "Days Gone" is one of the open world games to be released in 2017. The game uses the Third Person Perspective, where the full-screen hero appears on the screen, which is expected and awesome when we talk about a game of style that combines adventure Excitement, movement and perhaps some horror.
  • The development of the game by SIE Bend has been around since 2013, according to artist Sam Witwer, who plays the role of the main protagonist in the game. This is a very special game because it is the first game the studio has owned since the game Syphon Filter released to PlayStation 1 in 1999, almost eighteen years ago!
  • The game will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 platform only! This is another blow to the Xbox and PC owners after the horrific Horizon Zero Dawn strike, but a predictable blow anyway, because the studio follows Sony Computer Entertainment!
  • The game uses an upgraded version of the famous Unreal Engine 4 engine, used in games such as Daylight, Gears of War 4, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and other well-known games.
  • The game is already inspired by a lot of things, which is why the controversy we mentioned at the beginning of the article, in a meeting of Gamespot with the developers of the game turned out to be the series "Sons of Anarchy" was one of the sources of inspiration important, but in fact confirmed the game developers that everything Was inspiring for them in all areas.
  • The game was played at the E3 2016 with live live demo of one of the missions that the player will later play in the game for a certain goal unknown to us now. The reactions were very positive and we expect a much bigger and stronger participation in the upcoming E3 Between 13 and 15 June this year.
  • Gameplay style:
  • Our game developers have promised us a "completely free" style of play. Although your Freakers will have specific ways of dealing, you will have many methods to choose from. If you prefer to sneak in and not make a big fuss, If you were a fan of traps and bombs, you could do that too and blow up a lot of things, even cars. If you were a man of arms who wanted to shoot nonstop on enemies, I think the next gameplay video would certainly appeal to you.

  • There are two types of savage enemies referred to as "Freakers". The first type are the Newts or the sneakers who suddenly appear to you in an unknown way. The Hordes are the hordes running behind you in large groups. Be careful not to be stupid. You expect, they always find a way to reach you no matter what the obstacles are, as well as they are quick. (Regardless of the fact that they did not attack at all, no matter how close they were, as shown during the video game play at the top!).
  • We believe that you will also face the enemies of human beings who are trying to save their lives through you or get some benefit from getting rid of you. But it is not yet clear whether you will also face wild animals or not, especially as you will play in an environment where predators will be very natural. Game developers have not revealed whether animals have been affected by the epidemic that has spread in the world, Some animals were normal and peaceful.
  • Although the game developers have confirmed that what has been shown so far is very little of what the game will eventually contain, this little amount has shown some important information, such as: that the player will have the ability to upgrade and develop weapons during the game, It will require more effort in the surrounding environment, such as buildings, abandoned vehicles and dead bodies, and according to their statements there are "tons" of weapons that can be used in the game.
  • Open World:
  • The fact that the game takes place in an open world is a very promising thing in itself, and serves the credibility of the promise that the developers of the game promised us that the style of play will be completely free. You can use your own strategy and you will have an infinite number of solutions to almost complete each challenge. You may encounter, but to date no information has been made to determine the size and detail of this world.
  • The world will be characterized by extreme weather changes. It is a warm, sunny atmosphere for a cool, cool atmosphere, in addition to diversity in the same places from a desert mountain to a green lawns, etc., and we will not forget the continuous night and day cycle during the game.
  • The details of the developers of the game concerning the environment and the world in which it revolves is that it will be "very real" and "full of details." It is worth mentioning that the environment in which the events revolve is the same environment that exists in the studio is the desert environment of the Northwest America.
  • Using a motorcycle is very important. The hero of the game "Deacon" is in the end Biker owns his own bike and is part of his character, and it is very important to always be aware of its location all the time and be as close to you as possible. Will you have the ability to drive other bikes or cars, for example? We do not know yet, but what the developers of the game have hinted is that the cars in particular will be totally unsuitable for play because they need paved roads, something that does not exist because no one has been interested in paving the roads for two years since the outbreak of the epidemic and in a place like the place where the game takes place Two years is more than enough time for roads to become permanently unfit for cars.

  • Graphics:
  • Some say that the game graphics are so beautiful that they are probably the best on the PlayStation 4 platform, which may be an exaggeration, but they did not come out of nowhere anyway! The game is already characterized by strong graphics and wonderful, what has appeared to us so far from the design of the environment in various settings and atmosphere is really fascinating, and certainly contributed to the presence of the studio in the same environment of the game in this matter. The forms of human or distorted characters "Freakers" are also extremely fascinating and are far from repetitive and full of details.
  • The happy news about graphics is the support of the game for the PlayStation 4 PRO, that is, it will support the HDR and 4K accuracy so strong that the page on the studio on Twitter did a retweet to describe the GAME Northwich of the game after the activation of HDR saying: "If you think that the form of the dead living "Zombies" was fantastic in the past, you are waiting for a big surprise! "
  • The studio's Twitter account also published the following images of the game from the PlayStation 4 PRO.
  • last word:
  • Although the game takes place in a wild world where everyone is constantly forced to survive, the promotional video of the game suggests more than that. Here we talk about hope and love, about betrayal and fraternity, about principles that do not even die If civilization dies.
  • We are waiting and eager to see more details and news about the game. Each image, every word and each video will give us more and more information about this upcoming masterpiece, which we all hope will be up to expectations.

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