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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Call Of Duty wwii
Call Of Duty wwii 

Call Of Duty wwii 
  • Call of Duty is back, but this time with the atmosphere of the Second World War in which the players live, the atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood among the members of the same band. Although playing with other players online games and zombie mode is not strange, Call of Duty: WWII gives players the chance to strengthen and develop the spirit of brotherhood and friendship on the battlefield; you can rely on the game on your friends for resources.
    • You see the game from the perspective of a US soldier and a number of allies. The touching story tells you how to destroy the Nazi occupation of Europe and its people, including German civilians. Where you can find everything you want in a war-fighting game in the western front of the Second World War for an atmosphere of suspense and excitement.
    • The game offers a fighting experience from the first perspective during a journey from the Normandy area of ​​the Rhine from the Ronald Daniels perspective and the 1st Infantry Division at Call of Duty: WWII, a journey of more than 6 hours for a very intense battle with a showcase of spectacular events, Through excellent picture and sound design, with the sounds of gunfire shooting a clear voice to reload the weapon. The journey is rich in scenic environments that contrast dramatically with the death and destruction that surrounds you.
    • A group of help characters are well designed to enhance the story and help you directly while fighting based on your needs and performance. Your close friend Robert Zusman takes care of your health and supplies, while Drew Styles makes sure you have enough grenades ready. Although war expert William Pearson is a quiet commanding officer, he has the skill of eye-eagle eye with binoculars so that it allows you to monitor the lines of nearby enemies. All these details are intertwined during play, and this way of replenishing resources that depend on killing is appropriate for the pace of the game to be undeniably ingenious to serve to focus the narrative on the interconnections with your band members.
    • The developer Sledgehammer changes your perspective from time to time by placing you in the place of a soldier, whether the tank commander "Perez" tank commander or the French Resistance fighter "Russo". These breaks make you comfortable playing as a man's army from start to finish, and although Ronald Daniels can be the greatest war sniper and AA gun operator, the campaign is a collective effort that ultimately benefits.
    • The battle itself is not to rush to the next goal. It is about stopping at every opportunity to kill enough Nazis to give you access to the next coverage point. Whether you go beyond every arena to offer the best submachine gun you have, or you can kill the Nazis without sound by knife, the game gives you many horrific battles to feel successful when you reach the next checkpoint.
    • The more you rely on your team for supplies and support, the stronger you will be because a team player supports you. The result is a level of saturation missing in the kitsch and globetrotting designs of this group.
    • It's a story based on an appropriate amount of emotion, play during battles and intervals between them. You have the option to add your heroic reputation by saving the wounded or not killing the surrendering Nazis. The developer has added dialogues to German characters that illustrate the contribution of the country's culture, as well as play in places where it helps innocent civilians fleeing war zones, adding good feelings to the game based on murder.
    • This game abandons the future technology and super-movement of modern games, where multiple players are welcome to return to the mid-20th century to fight. They are fighting across 10 different maps throughout Europe, and these areas accommodate all types of basic weapons, although the spread of narrow and closed areas makes using guns and machine guns a preferred choice. Whatever your favorite game type, these maps offer a mix of similar schemes such as Flak Tower or labyrinthine schemes such as the Ardenne Forest.
    • The game offers many strategies on the road between the ruins of the German city of Aachen or the London bays. It needs intelligence. Success lies in knowing when to roll your teammate or throw the ball forward, allowing you to run until you recover the ball.
    • And if you're a sniper, you'll shine your talents in the Call of Duty: WWII.
    • In a situation where one side of the attackers tries to occupy multiple parts of each section's map separately, longitudinal form helps to make it a major battleground for long-range weapons, whether you are taking a tank on foot or being bold enough to fight the attackers with artillery.
    • Whatever your favorite weapons, the system of divisions of Call of Duty: WWII is superior, allowing you to make the most of your style, while providing the flexibility to diversify your weapons and tools. For example, by joining the reconnaissance force, you have the exclusive possibility of shooting gun rounds, but that does not mean you can not turn into an assault rifle in the middle of the game. The more you play, the more rewards you can earn to refine your arsenal and personal abilities to suit your needs. To build your character there are many cosmetic elements that you open through the boxes of supplies, which you get regularly during the game.
    • These characters are linked together in the social center called Headquarters, which is located behind the Allied Normandy coast, a convenient spot to relax and train in impossible ways on multi-player lists. Between the interlocking user interface and the list of available targets Headquarters may seem crowded, but it reflects the wealth of practical and entertaining activities in this area.
    • In addition to completing the goals for the social aspects of the headquarters for small amounts of currency in the game, you also get more rewards in the store if you activate contracts. These timely challenges provide incentives for good performance in online games far from merely maintaining the murder rate.
    • The zombie phase:
    • By associating cooperative play with the story's goals, the zombie mode, called The Final Reich, has been introduced, a survival mode that places players against waves of zombies in the Bavarian village. You must expand out or down in a position you can find yourself in the middle trying to fight the zombie from all directions. When you do not have zombies you have to complete the goals, run the buttons and explore the city's secrets, some of which contain symbols hidden in the paintings scattered throughout the map. Those who like multitasking will find many elements of action and a lot of enemies from the dead fighting for their lives.
    • The zombie phase is characterized by many different shapes that make players want to come back again and again, the most important of which is the feeling that you and your friends can make further progress in future rounds. In addition to getting to know the map and the various zombie types, there are bonuses for players with a range of improvements.
    • Summary:
    • In the end, if the game is measured on the basis of being a correction game during the Second World War, which drew maps from many regions of Europe
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