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Thursday, May 23, 2019


  • Despite the criticisms of the Call of Duty games in the past years, the Black Ops series has long been popular with fans of the shooting game and has presented a collection of the best and most accurate stories in the history of the series and exciting group competitions that ensured her lead and revenue is the largest with each The new Black Ops 4, however, ignored the individual gameplay to catch up with the game that dominated the shooting games recently through Battle Royale, but as usual, even though the game does not offer all of its elements perfectly, Call of Duty still offers the largest and most content A variety of other group shooting games Entering the game you will notice that there is something different in this version, no film shows or plots that only secretly disguise the main play list divided into group competitions, zombies and Blackout, which will help frustrate any series lover by considering the ability of the development team Treyarch to formulate interesting stories and interesting events In contrast, the studio has decided to focus its efforts on other modes of play, and since the group competition has been the basis of the game for many years, the Black Ops 4 offers significant changes compared to the latest version, both on the level of play and the introduction of new elements, But the training mode at headquarters, which provides the player with cinematic performances and details of how they met these characters together, but the disadvantages of these presentations being too short and does not replace the stage The story here is not limited to characters, but includes all stages of team play, which allows each player to experiment with his favorite characters and the different strategies he will perform in the group competitions. Were it not for the absence of training on the Zumbiz and Blackout phase The command is an example Oh.
  • The former CoD games used to give the player the opportunity to customize weapons and equipment in a smooth and simple manner no matter what category they settle on, but here the situation is somewhat different where players choose from a list of specific characters each with their own abilities. Once these characters are opened, the weapons and equipment can be modified the way they prefer. Each user while the main capabilities remain unchanged, and it is no secret to quote many elements of the Black Ops 3 game, although the development team abandoned the EXO's ability to run on walls or jump high distances. Status The players now have the ability to regain their energy at the moments they see fit, resulting in a more playful style of planning and moving rather than jogging as if you were a supernatural soldier. Cooperation between the rest of the team where the abilities of the characters is an important factor in winning the game such as the use of barbed wire to prevent opponents from reaching the goal, or rely on an automatic machine to defend a point while you and your team cover a completely different area. Black Op s 4, which will not be abandoned by the series any time soon, such as Kill Confirmed and Team Deathmatch, and as I like tactical games based on thinking and lingering more than shooting in a random way, was the new stage of play Heist is the most preferred for me, The absence of the War phase, which he considered the best addition to the series a long time ago, was truly puzzled by its utter disregard in this release.
  • Those who prefer to stay away from constant fighting and running, prefer tactical play and cooperate with the rest of the team will find their way in the Heist stage. Two teams of 10 players compete for a cash bag in the middle of the map. The winner wins the successful cash prize while remaining The game starts in a style similar to the Counter Strike games, where each team has a very small amount of money that is not enough to buy any equipment so everyone depends on the revolvers. In the second round, you get a reward for every successful killing even if your team can not win the first round. , The more k Your performance is better The more you get a huge amount of money to buy more weapons, armor and bombs, and although this style is very different from the fundamentals of the game depends on the series, but it was most favored for me, especially when you play with your friends and exchange roles together. Although critical parts of the latest series have been criticized because of repetition and reliance on the same features but different names, I have listened to the Black Ops 4 collective development, whether to change the style of my game depending on the personality you touch, the special equipment you use, P The team members are more than any previous part, but the game suffers from finding its true identity. At first glance, it looks like a hero shooter, but at the same time all the characters share weapons and some tools, No single system is straightforward, yet incredibly addictive and I want to go back to it constantly. If there is another title that can be named for this part instead of the Black Ops 4 it will undoubtedly be Blackout, since the development team and Activision have been focused since the disclosure The game is for the first time a survival mode inspired by the Battle Royale games 100 players are allowed to compete in a huge map that includes vehicles, multi-storey buildings and different terrains, and the match wins from surviving to the end. Although the PUBG and Fortnite games are the main reason for the overwhelming popularity of this stage, Ops 4 surpassed them in many elements, whether the distinctive graphic level and details of the environment or the existence of a huge and varied number of weapons, accessories and equipment, not to mention the biggest change in the chain in terms of arms rebirth and range and the rate of deviation, those things that did not mean anything In the previous Call of Duty games have become Very impressive in Blackout and require continuous training to master.
  • Although Blackout is more exciting than my previous experience at Fortnite, it has a lot of problems, notably the progress system that works in a rather strange way. It's not about the position you're playing, but the number of players you got rid of. The top ten without killing any opponent, does not guarantee you superiority over another player who managed to drop more than one competitor but fell quickly, raising doubts that the pattern is primarily intended to survive and survive as long as possible, of course I do not mean to encourage continuous escape and hiding All the time, but the development team must be reinstated العمل work on this part to achieve the desired balance between the murder rate and the overall ranking of the game. The experience as a whole makes the player feel smooth and easy to move between different areas and rely on more than one weapon according to the circumstances in which it passes, and each user can carry a backpack to store some accessories and use at any time, not to mention the existence of some areas in the map controlled by the dead living, Which adds to the excitement but is not useful in fact, although the confrontation Zombies ensure you get better weapons and equipment, but at the same time risky, where you will lose most of the ammunition you own, and will reveal your place easily to competitors, Disastrous results, was It is better to appear randomly and in different places, forcing players to deal with the situation automatically. According to the zombies, fans of this phase will have a date with more exciting tasks and more exciting events this year. The style of the dead, always with distinctive content, huge maps, various elements of the style of play and additions that make it highly addictive, here two new chapters were presented, either Voyage of Despair or IX while the third and final chapter Blood of the Dead is a re-introduction of the band Mob of the Dead From Black Ops 2.

  • The charts here are not as complex as the last, but they have better designs and much richer content. The narrative style is simpler and smoother and does not require hours to eliminate zombies before progress. Players can find many unique skills that contribute to Increase their ability to survive, regardless of the scenario presented by each chapter, there are no major differences in the elements of the style of play in almost all tasks, but those looking for more exciting competition without interest in the story or events can address the Rush style is available for the first time, which is an opportunity Perfect for Get to know the maps better and study them well before going to the usual tasks. Rush mode allows players to compete together to achieve the highest results by facing dozens of Zombies in a speed-based game where the player must collect as many points as possible on the map, And all the weapons, capabilities and doors can be dealt with completely free of charge without the need to use the virtual currency.
  • The Black Ops 4 presented a distinctive graphic level, detailed maps, more accurate character models, detailed sound performance, and very acceptable sound performance - characters, sounds of weapons and explosions. The title generally looks very good. Unlike previous versions, I have had little trouble connecting or entering games in any Play mode available.
  • Conclusion
  • Despite the negative impressions of the Black Ops 4 before the release due to the absence of the story, the title presented a unique content in both team play, the presence of quick contests and innovative play styles based on the abilities of the characters, or in the modes of play available, some of which encourage cooperative play with the rest of the team , Yet the game suffers in that part of being a mixture of more than a game of correction and does not have a clear identity, on the other side is still developed Zombies with the same fun and excitement with a distinctive narrative and rapid follow-up of events, survival competitions in Blackout is the best in Patel Royal games available h Despite the existence of some problems related to the system of progress and personal development.
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