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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Battlefield 5
Battlefield 5
  • Battlefield 5, which was named Firestorm, was released on March 25 and all players who bought the original game were waiting for this release to be released after the success of the Battle of Royale's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Called Blackout and was a big sensation when it came down due to its success and excellent application of the Royal Beatle concept of the Call Of Duty perspective, so the players were ready to see what Battlefield 5 would offer with this game.
  • Battlefield 5 was released in November 2018 and it was announced that there would be a dedicated game for the Royal Games. When the game came out, the players were surprised that the game was not going down as the original game went down. EA explained that it was working on this game without any technical problems. And is working to implement the Battle Royal concept in the Battlefield series with a new and realistic perspective that suits the Battlefield experience.
  • The following is a review of the main features of this game and what distinguishes it from other games Albatel Royal competition.

  • FireStorm is a mod of Battle Royale and comes free of charge for all who bought Battlefield 5, and the number of players in this game to more than 64 players and the size of the map in this game is larger than any map in Battlefield 5 ten times. When you start playing this mode you will find yourself falling from a plane with a team of 4 individuals and you must make your way and your team to the middle of the map away from the fire to become the only team remaining in the game. It is reported that when you get off the plane, the game does not tell you where the firestorm is so that the game becomes unpredictable and playable every time you try this mode, according to developer Criterion.
  • You have two options when you get off the plane. The first is to get close to the edges of the map but you will find modest weapons that will not help you much in fighting. The second option is to go down in the warm areas and in these areas there are the best weapons that will definitely help you in fighting and winning. Our experience of the game we found that you and your team should help each other and look at the storm to see if you are close to them or not because it will be the cause of your death you and your team if you do not be careful. You must seize the ideal opportunities and do not attack any enemy that you see. You must study the tools and weapons that were around you before you start any fighting.
  • Betel Royal Games generally rely on reducing the size of the map with the players, warning them and giving them enough time to move to safe places, in contrast to firestorm where the player can see the fire or known as Dangerous Zone from anywhere in the map where the fire moves or When you approach the fire, your vision turns red and the air will be filled with ashes and fire debris in a sign that you should speed up your safety. If there is a long time in the fire, you will begin to see the white color turn in a sign that you are close from death.
  • What's new?
  • What distinguishes Firestorm from games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends is the ease and freedom of navigation in the map where there are many vehicles such as tanks and vehicles to aircraft and small naval vessels, which adds more enthusiasm and introduces the player in a state of enthusiasm as if in a real war, You can find most of them in the town, but what is wrong with these vehicles is their inability to withstand heavy beatings. The RPG can blow your vehicle and kill you with it, so be careful when driving any vehicle in the game. The cars and helicopters in the game do not have any shield to protect your head while driving. Of snipers!
  • There is also the so-called Bunker, or as we call it Fort, and there are many tools that will help you a lot in winning. In order to open one of these fortresses, two members of the team must roll the wheels at one time and you will see that you opened the gate of that fort. When you open the fortress you will find a tank which, when used correctly, can win easily but it comes at a price. When you open the fortress gate you will hear a loud alarm. The other players can have a headset and this may reveal your place to them. You must study the place around you before you open one of these fortresses.
  • The game also provides a safe in each building, one of the players must open it but it takes some time to open it and the other players to protect it to open it successfully, and when you open one of these safes you will get the weapons in the game but it does not mean that you have the lowest weapons you will get the highest damage But the best weapon is the one that you can use and which has the option of increasing the rate of fire and also has Attachment to improve the Aim.
  • Criterion says that the weapons are the same as in Multiplayer mode and there has been no change in the balance of any weapon in the game. The developer also adds that they have increased the power of each player's armor to make it harder for you to kill enemies and increase your stay. So they added iron shield parts to each player and to wear them you have to add them to your jacket, and the game will become more exciting when you repair your armor in the middle of the fire.
  • Most of the Battles Royale games suffer from a problem called Down Time, which is simply the time you spend running around the map to search for enemies or weapons. Most players complain about how long they wait, searching for enemies to fight them. As for Firestorm, you spend most of the time looking for enemies on the map. Enemies can use snipers. If you are seen in the middle of the map without moving, you must move constantly so that you are not hit by a sniper. Firestorm addresses this problem with the presence of vehicles that make it easier for you to move in the map until you find enemies to fight them.
  • Battlefield games are characterized by the ability to destroy buildings and are a strength point for that series. In Firestorm, most buildings can destroy them if you pass a tank through them or when you use heavy weapons such as RPG and Dynamite or when a building is hit by aircraft. Flare Gun, where he will bomb the specific area, you can hit the building where enemies are located and demolish them over their heads so that the game took advantage of the concept of destruction of buildings and was applied correctly and excellent.
  • In the end, after our experience of this fun game of Battlefield 5, we can say that the game was well applied to the concept of the Battle Royal in the Battlefield Games through the successful application of the system of vehicles in the game and the diversity of weapons find heavy weapons and ordinary and rare with the destruction of buildings, which is the strength of that series And the wide map of the game, did not put waiting for players to get out of this mess after the expectation of many people that the game will not launch the game because of problems with it. We expect FireStorm to be a strong competitor against competitive games like Fortnite and PUBG.

Battlefield 5

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