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Monday, May 20, 2019

  • How to install Apex legends on Pc + xBox + Ps4 its too easy way and now i tell you 

  • This Game Now is out and is currently tearing up the Twitch charts with its battle royale gameplay set within the everpopular universe of Titanfall. Just don't expect to see those Titans.....

  • It's a pity, but there's no denying that the game is still a tonne of fun to play. How do you actually download and install Apex Legends though? Well, it's not quite so easy for the average Steam player, as you won't find the game listed on that store. Instead, it's available directly through EA's Origin store, so you'll need to get that interface up and running first.

  • How to help players on  platforms ? get started with Apex Legends, we've put together step by step guides for getting the game up and running on Ps4, Pc and Xbox one. If there's anything you're having trouble with, tell us on commend and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

1.Installation Apex Legends on PC

Apex legends on Pc its free you can found it on EA's Origin store client

And its too easy for install it.

  • Lets start download and install :

1. First you need too download Origin client installed on your PC, go too this wibsite to download it Click here 

2. After you download and install just open it and click to search box and search for Apex legends

3. When you found it, simply select it and you'll be taken through to the game's store page.

4. Just click download and install ^_^ and have fun

2.Installing Apex Legends on PlayStation 4

Its too easy to download the game on Ps4 and easy control you can have alot of fun in Ps4.

Now i tell you how too install the Apex Legends on PlayStation 4.

1. Turn your Ps4 on and open store.

2. Go to search box, then search for Apex Legends , which will make it easier to find.

3. click download or install for game

4. after download finish you well start game and play it and have fun ^_^!

3.Installing Apex Legends on Xbox One

Ther are alot ok  pretty similar when it comes to download and installing  Apex Legends on Microsoft's console. Again though, here is a complete guide to get started just keep in mind that you must have Xbox if you want to play the game on this system:

1. Now start xbox and open Microsoft Store page.

2. Search in box search for  Apex Legends. As with the PlayStation 4 method, it's possible the game is being promoted on the storefront at the time of publishing this article too.

3. click on Apex legends and download and install it after it finish play and have fun 
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