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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Details about Fortnite
Details about Fortnite

How did Fortnight's story begin?
  • The game began its journey since 2011, where it was the first offer as a survival game "Survivor" under the name of "Save The World" The game was supposed to continue on this basis as the system of the main game is to try to save the world after the attack by the "zombie" , Which was developed by the developer studio of the game "Epic Games" presentation and marketing to him at the beginning, but things were not in favor of this type of games because the games of "Battle Royale" had begun to appear, and had to studio to move and exploit this spread The game, which comes in the style of Battle Royale, especially that the game PUBG was breaking records by the C Hand in the gaming world.
  • A good start to the game
  • After the great success of the PUBG game and the high turnout among the players in this type of games, while PUBG was performing poorly at the same time, the players had to substitute for experience in this style "Battle Royale."
  • In the first announcement of Fortnite: Battle Royale, it introduced a new experience for players, taking its platform and turning it into something useful within this style, which was the construction.
  • In the process of "Save the World", the construction process was one of the basic elements of the game, as you are building your colonies trying to survive in this world, which was exciting about the game in its first release in the "Battle Royale" Lots of players to the game, as its use lets you repel bullets or hide, or build high places that allow you to take advantage of the other players.
  • Continuous updates to the game are free
  • The studio has continued to provide outstanding content in the game, from the forms of players, dances, and even challenges within the game, which enabled the studio to win a lot of players in record time, where continued in the first seasons of continuous update on the game at all levels , And listen to the demands of players and full support of the game distinctly, taking advantage of the weakness of other companies that come in the same type of games.
  • Although the game is free, the developed studio had to put a lot of things to buy inside the game, but they were shapes and dances, which never change in the course of play. However, Epic Games was able to raise a lot of money through In-game purchases that were striking and worth buying for many players.
  • The game "Fortnite" has not been adopted on any track since the first launch, as the game has the so-called "SEASONS" which lasts for three months, and in each new SEASON there are significant changes on all levels, weapons, map, and gameplay, without affecting the The basic style within the game, which makes the players in a constant longing for the things that will get in the next chapter of the game, which has so far reached the sixth chapter "SEASON 6" to write these lines, which is supposed to end soon and start the new chapter of the game .
  • Fortnite .. Platforms: multiple platforms
  • Fortnite has been free on all platforms and has been free since the first day it was launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac, which made the game very popular even in the early days of launch, especially as it relies on the cross platform "Which allows players on all platforms to play together at the same time. The game has recently been launched on Android, Nintendo Switch, iOS, all running on the same servers at the same time.
  • Continuing tournaments and greater fame:
  • After the great success of the game, it was necessary to go to the large platforms and world championships, which amounted to one of more than 3 million dollars, which was presented to many teams and players professional around the world, where the game is the most popular and watch on the platform twitch, which made the game The most watched on one channel was the "Ninja", which won 388 thousand views at the same time after deciding to play with the famous singer Drake, which raised the rates of viewing and the game at the same time.
  • Different Side Patterns:
  • Not only did the game provide only one Battle Royale style, but it continued to provide side-by-side modes. The studio and each game update introduced a new side-by-side style. The first game style was to rely on the large area of ​​the map and the large number of players, Developed a number of styles, which began with the style of the 50 vs50, which gave the players a lot of fun away from the basic style, the studio then updated these patterns and provide many of them, such as occupation patterns, or play only one weapon, or even play without the ability to Use of medical equipment, and And which make the game more fun and a fraction of boredom at times that can not want it to continue to play the same pattern repeatedly.
  • Obviously this game offers a lot of fun, but it requires a lot of skill at the same time, which may require you a lot of time to get used to building and fighting with the opponent, which makes me wonder ... Are you one of the players who can avoid Everyone has access to first place?
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