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Thursday, May 23, 2019

God Of War
God Of War

Hidden secrets about the game of God of War and important advices before playing
  • Since 2005, God of War has begun to entertain us through the PlayStation platform for a journey that lasted for several years of continuous development and dozens of hours of play in an atmosphere of exceptional Scandinavian mythology. In 2018, Kratos will continue its new version of God of War, which is compatible with PS4 platforms and is expected to be among the best video games of 2018.
  • Kratos is back in the new version of God of War, which has a huge open world and a major task that has a large number of hours, which means more fun and excitement, and with the addition of side missions and various additions, we can say that God of War is one of the biggest games in terms of The amount of time it takes to finish it, which is certainly enjoyable for the players.
  • Because God of War has intricate details and a somewhat complex game console, it may take more time to continue the game and make progress quickly and smoothly. This is why we have compiled a set of basic tips that will help you achieve your goals and progress quickly in the game.
  • Basic tips for God of War:
  • Destroy all you see for more God of War coins
  • The basic currency of the game is called Hacksilver, which is the currency you can use to buy your own needs and upgrade your military equipment. This process can be found in many common ways, such as finding them in boxes around the world, and completing paid tasks.
  • It can also be obtained in the classic way, smashing everything you see in your eyes such as boxes, vases and anything that can be broken into small pieces that may carry some coins. You can also find some coins in hanging buckets in some game venues. These currencies may be few or limited but undoubtedly useful.
  • Take advantage of Atreus's battles
  • The game of God of War allows the character of Atreus, son of Kratos, more than just accompanying him on a journey during which the events of the game. Where the young boy can use his arrows in the battles with the pressure of the button of the box, so that the boy to correct everything in the middle of the screen. The Atreus arrows may not be effective at first but with the development of their abilities they can reach the stage of fighting monsters and overcoming them. So you need to upgrade Atreus capabilities from time to time.
  • Learn and understand the statistics of Kratos
  • There are many statistics about Kratos' abilities in God of War. Some of these statistics are easy to understand, such as Strength and Defense, to determine the extent to which Kratos destroys its ability to carry. Other statistics may be confusing.
  • If you want to increase the ability of the person to use his magical abilities and speed, you should pay attention to raise the capabilities of Runic and Cooldown. Vitality improves his health and reduces the damage caused by his enemies' attacks. While Luck increases the multiplier percentage of XP Points experience points and double the money that Kratos may get during game events.
  • Upgrade only what you use of equipment and armor
  • Two main players in God of War sell weapons and armor and upgrade their equipment. You can deal with them during the game. Be sure to have the stomach or armor you want to upgrade before completing the upgrade. The game currency can be spent on equipment you do not already own. You can make sure that you have the equipment you want to upgrade by checking for the letter E next to it.
  • Do not ignore the side tasks
  • If you follow the main story line only, you will certainly be able to see most of the worlds of the game and you will be able to have all the equipment and equipment hidden by the game. But side-stepping will add more fun to you first. It will provide you with a lot of promotions that you might not get during major events. Thirdly, you'll be able to get more points of experience faster. Faster.
  • Sell collectibles and old weapons
  • There are many collectibles that you can get through the events of God of War. All of these collectibles will have no value once they are collected. So you can sell them for an appropriate value of the game coins in the shops dedicated to the game. You can also sell your old equipment and weapons.
  • Use the ax to solve the puzzles
  • If you are not sure what you can do in the next step, or you can not solve the puzzle you are facing, look around you while holding the ax in the correct position and attack. The color and shape of the correction arrow will change as soon as you stand at anything you can break, and among these things may open a bridge you can cross or a box that may help you complete the task and continue the game.
  • Use magic to defeat enemies who are hard to beat
  • Using Runic Attacks in the game of God of War means unleashing the magic abilities of the character of Kratos. They can release enough energy to kill everything around you, or use the ax in fighting in an exceptional way. It is easy to discover these ways and commit to what is easier or more effective for your fighting style. But prefer to explore them all and try from time to time to know which one suitable for any situation where the hero of the game may be located.
  • Possibility to ignore some puzzles and avoid some monsters
  • The game of God of War belongs to the Open World Games, and in this type of games it is easy to collide with monsters that are not yet ready to fight, or puzzles that do not have what you might be prepared to overcome. So there is no need to insist on it and disrupt the basic circus line. You can avoid these conflicts, puzzles and monsters and continue the other game, and once you reach the appropriate level, count back to those monsters or puzzles and face them again.
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