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Monday, May 20, 2019

Details about Pubg and its maps

  • Over the past few months, PUBG has been able to return to the gaming arena, even with its own smartphones, as the paid version of the computer is still very successful and one of the best-selling games in history, but it is not comparable in terms of deployment with the game " "Which has become widespread among hundreds of millions of players around the world, especially in the Arab world where the spread of the game is not matched by any other game now.
  • But despite the great spread of the game, there are many new players or people who want to learn more about the famous game or to refine their skills in the game PUBG (PUBG). Here we will review the way the game is played and the various purposes within it, and we will talk about the basic tips and important that help the player to move from being a beginner to a very high level near professionalism in the fastest time.
What is the game of Peggy (PUBG)
  • The name of the full Peggy game is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG (often called Peggy, Bubgy or Battle Ground). It is a Battle Royale style game that has become very popular today. In short, the game is multiple battles involving players from different parts of the world over the Internet, and in each game 100 players drop to a map full of tools and weapons and then fight each other until everyone dies and survive one person or one team (in the pattern of teams).
  • The principle of the game is generally very simple in that it is a strategic shooting game similar to playing games such as Counter Strike or Call of Duty, but the difference here is that you will not return to the game again after your death but simply lose when you die. Instead of being in a team-versus-team match, you're here in a match against all the other players or all the other teams. So there is not one enemy but there are many enemies.
A match in PUBG
  • A game of Peggy usually begins by throwing players from the plane towards the map (there are 3 maps currently available), starting to collect various gear, weapons and tools and fighting each other. Over time, a circle begins to gradually diminish as more players die. The goal of this circle is to keep the players' concentration high in the playing area to ensure that the fighting continues. When one player or only one live team remains the winner, the winner will be awarded the "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner" bonus.
  • Staying to the end is the primary goal of the game. It does not mean that everyone is really interested in it. A large percentage of players are more interested in how many times the others are killed in one match rather than staying to the end. The players who want to play first class tend to attack and fight more, and although this is more risky, of course, it means that they gain more experience in combat and are more able to withstand the end and really win over time.
What do the three maps differ from each other in the game of Peugeot?
  • As mentioned above, the game includes three different game maps. It is possible for the player to choose who wants his game. These maps all include houses, groups of buildings and terraces that are very different from each other, and even sometimes differ from one another in weapons available with weapons in some and their absence in others. Generally there is a fourth map coming close to the replica computers that will be of a winter character with lots of snow. But as soon as the fourth map arrives there are 3 maps:
1.Erangel Map
  • This unique is known as the basic map that appeared with the first version of the game and is still the most popular so far. The map is very large and consists of two islands connected by bridges and their general shape, which simulates the cities of Eastern Europe in the former Soviet republics, where the names of places in general and the style of architecture clearly suggest that they are derived from the countries of the "Eastern bloc".
  • This map is diverse in its terrain, which includes forests, open spaces and rugged middle mountains, and is generally suitable for ambushes (especially on bridges) and medium range battles using attack machine guns and snipers.
2.Miramar Map
  • This is the map added to the game, the largest space between the other maps where the distances are very large. Unlike the map of Irangill, the environment here is very arid desert that mimics towns in northern Mexico where the name and many of the features on the map suggest the opposite of the name of a neighborhood in San Diego, California.
  • On the whole the terrain of the map is quite rugged, where finding a place to hide is very difficult with the scarcity of trees and the easy identification of players from the desert background. As a result, this map contains many battles in the long term and the use of snipers is very basic where it is difficult to win or continue without relying on sniping from long distances.
3.Sanhok Map
  • This map is currently the latest of the three maps, but it has many fans who prefer to play there being different in size. This map is about four times smaller than the other two maps, so everything is close to each other and distances can be traversed quickly.
  • From Shape and Name This map simulates a tourist island of Southeast Asia, where it has a tropical environment with very dense forests and lots of rocks and trees to hide from. As a result, this map contains near-term battles in the first place, and the battles in them end faster than the rest because more players are confined in a narrow space.
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