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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


  • With the launch of Bioware demo version or demo of Anthem days ago, the game came full of technical problems and problems in game servers.
  • It was enough to raise doubts about the readiness of the game to launch significantly. But EA issued a statement saying that the version that the players tried is an old version of the game has been working on those problems and already solved.
  • We will not discuss the credibility of this statement, but let's talk about the impressions we took from our experience of the game during the event held in Japan last week.
  • As a start, we can say that once the game is challenged because of server problems during the VIP Demo, your perspective will change slightly. In general, the game has been very well presented and promises to present a unique and different experience for any of the games currently on the scene.
  • In other words, we are not facing a game that tries to compete directly with Destiny, but we are facing a different game in many aspects. Maybe if we wanted to compare Anthem to a game currently, we could compare it to a more warframe game but with so much more flying.
  • And on the mention of aviation Let us recall the main points that have attracted our attention.
  • Perhaps the most notable feature is the difficulty of controlling Javelin during flight, especially with the use of the mouse and the keyboard compared to control of the control arm of the consoles. Control is not impossible but it gives you a sense of speed or smooth response, especially when you make a sudden decision to turn at a sharp angle, but you can get used to this method soon after playing.
  • In our interview with Mike Gamble, the director of Anthem told us that this feeling has already been expressed by several players and that they are aware of this and may be making some adjustments to it in the future, and stressed that the game was not developed its internal mechanics to focus on the players consoles but are designed to match With beautiful platforms of course.
  • Anthem Language:
  • The game will never come back at all, not in audio performance or even subtitles for major menus and conversations. However, it is possible to study the issue of future Arabization when launching the game.
  • In fact, this is surprising given that many developers and publishers are now aiming to fully localize their games to suit the players of the Middle East. Since EA has implemented the idea of localization in many of its previous games it makes no sense to ignore this point now, especially as Anthem is supposed to be one of the largest and most important publications in the current period.
  • No PVP phase exists:
  • The game is based on co-op PVE and there is no competitive gameplay between the players. The game is mainly about the story in the form of co-op or PVE.
  • Some might think that means that once the story is over you will not want to continue playing, but Mike Gamble assured us that the game has a lot of content that will keep players busy for as long as possible.
  • In fact, the level of difficulty Grand Master in the game is the real level that players will have to continue to play to get the best Loot, which will require coordination between players and their roles in the battle.
  • According to Mike Gamble, the development team could consider adding a future PVP play stage if players asked for it.
  • Evolution of facial expressions of characters:
  • The ghost of the disaster that has taken place in moving characters and taking facial expressions with Mass Effect Andromeda has been chasing everyone's minds since the announcement of Anthem.
  • But fortunately this disaster has not been repeated with Anthem Fartrick characters appeared at a very high level and facial expressions have become more realistic than ever before. This is evident in the cut scenes or conversations in the Hub with the various characters, an important point that Bioware seems to have learned in the difficult way with Andromeda.
  • Ray Tracing and DLSS support:
  • Anthem will support DLSS technology with an update released shortly after the release of the game, but the game support for Ray Tracing has not yet been confirmed. Which is another surprise given that the game was marketed by Nividia and linked to the new RTX cards. Will support be added to Ray Tracing later as with Battlefield V? This question remains unanswered so far ...
  • These were the most important points we made in the interview and noted during the experience of our colleague Amr Syther of the game during the trial event of Anthem in Japan.

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